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Carolyn Kerr

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Merchandising/Marketing Management and Project Management

Carolyn Kerr

4005 Lomita Ln., Dallas, TX, 75220

cell: 214-912-1659



Qualifications Summary

* Management of Small Office with excellent organizational skills

* Managed Multiple Companies

* Working Knowledge of data entry systems

* Possess excellent verbal and written skills


Relevant Skills

* Researched products and ideas

* Proficient in Excel

* Proficient in Quickbooks

* Extensive Data Entry

* Quality Control

* Dependable and accurate

* Quick Learner


Work History

* NSMC Corporation, Dallas, TX and Okla. City, OK – Manager of Oil and Gas Companies

* PDP Properties, Dallas, TX – Office Manager

* MEI, Dallas, TX – Artist Coordinator, Deep Ellum Arts Festival

* Artist, Okla. City, OK – Shows in Tokyo, Germany

* Bank of America, Okla. City, OK – Assistant to Construction Manager

* Harold’s Stores, Okla. City, OK – Manufacturer of Candles



FIDM, San Francisco, CA - AA, (Merchandising and Marketing)

SMU, Dallas, TX – Business Major


References available upon request