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Forces of Nature | Loving Life & Nature | VIP Reception

We Are Changing The Art VIBE In The Dallas Art Scene
Location: 1605 Dragon St, Dallas, TX 75207

Ferrari Gallery is pleased to present their Fall art exhibition, FORCES OF NATURE\ Loving Life & Nature

We Are Changing The Art Vibe In The Dallas Art Scene

Featuring: LA Artist, Mark Russell Jones and San Antonio Artist, Eric Breish

You Are Invited | VIP Reception

Friday, September 22 nd | 6:00 - 9:00 pm


1605 Dragon St | Dallas  | RSVP  | Limited Tickets

Mark Russell Jones was born in California, he received his BFA in painting with distinction from CCA. A multi-disciplinary artist, approaching his paintings through photography, drawing and printmaking. Hovering between abstraction and representation, his approach to painting is formed by his interests in geography, light, environment and nature. Exploring his work on a much deeper level, he lived in Milan, Paris, Madrid, Auckland, Tokyo and Osaka. Functioning much like a documentary filmaker, Jones documented the varied terrain of his surroundings by making black and white photographs and drawings capturing his response to each place in nature and time. 

Eric Breish was born in Houston and is known for his abstract paintings on metal that create holographic illusions, engaging the viewer in mesmerizing planes of light and color that constantly shift before the eye. Using a combination of tools and unique methods, each mark on the metal is strategically placed to absorb and reflect light, creating a dimensional effect that seperates Breish's work from traditional abstract paintings. Aluminum, copper and steel are the substrates on which he primarily works, while layered transparent paints & varnishes create a galss-like finish that enhance the depth & dimension of each piece.