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  • Spring Break: DDD Style

    Spring Break: DDD Style 0

    Spring break often conjures images of crazy keggers at beaches crawling with co-eds. But just because you’re no longer an undergrad doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a spring break all your own. This year,…

  • Fringe with Benefits

    Fringe with Benefits 0

    If the word “fringe” conjures images of the wild, wild west, think again. Done right, incorporating fringe into your home décor offers the perfect degree of style and flair. Furniture

  • Design ideas for a fabulous fireplace

    Design ideas for a fabulous fireplace 0

    Oh, the weather outside is frightful…well, frightful-ish. But for those legit wintery Dallas days and nights, it’s good to be ready to start a roaring fire at a moment’s notice. We’re not just talking…