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  • Design Trends for a Summer Refresh

    Design Trends for a Summer Refresh 0

    Long days and warm nights must mean summer is here. As triple digits loom with every sunrise, keeping cool indoors is a favorite pastime for many Dallasites. By making just a few alterations around…

  • How to Revamp Your Home

    How to Revamp Your Home's Exterior 0

    They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And while that’s true, if you can make the outside match the inside, why not? Let your personality shine through and rack up some curb appeal by transforming…

  • Perfect Your Patio in Time for Summer

    Perfect Your Patio in Time for Summer 0

    Ready to upgrade your patio or porch? With summer just around the corner, now’s the time to create a beautiful outdoor space with new furniture and accessories — and the shops and showrooms in the Dallas…

  • Decorating with Blues and Whites

    Decorating with Blues and Whites 0

    Following trends can be fun, but there’s something to be said for the classics. If you’re tired of "here today, gone tomorrow" home décor, consider a timeless color combination. Pantone’s

  • DDD

    DDD's Patio Hopping Guide 0

    Winter is over (though maybe it never really came) and summer approaches. What does this mean for us Dallasites? Patio weather! If you want to get out and enjoy the warm spring days before hot and humid…

  • Chic Easter home decor

    Chic Easter home decor 0

    Banish the winter blues with cheerful spring hues and add some chic Easter décor just in time for the holiday! Adorn your home with flowers, decorative eggs, and pastels and your guests will be oohing…