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DDD Spotlight: Interior Resources

Meet Interior Resources. Over the last 10 years, Interior Resources has also become a leading importer of custom rugs and carpeting. They established the Black Label Collection (BLC) to distribute their handmade rugs nationally and create a one-of-a-kind offering for their local designers.  Read on to learn more about the background of the company and what makes its showroom so special.

Tell us about the background of Interior Resources and how the Dallas Design District Showroom came to be.
Interior Resources started in 1975 when Jack & Merikay Green borrowed $2000 against their Buick Regal car to start a To The Trade carpet company.  Previously, Jack worked in Oak Lawn Plaza for a contract carpet company called Reiser & Associates.  As the company grew, it moved locations a few times but always remained in the Dallas Design District area. 

What do you enjoy most about having a showroom in the Dallas Design District neighborhood?
Now, the DDD has been reinvented with amazing restaurants, showrooms, and even hotels. It’s become a destination and we are thrilled to be a part of the excitement. 

What can visitors expect when they visit Interior Resources DDD showroom?
We’ve been told by numerous representatives from national brands that there is no other rug & carpet studio like Interior Resources.  Not only do we have exceptionally knowledgeable staff, but our 13,000-square-foot showroom allows us to beautifully display products from all over the world.  When clients come in to shop we often say ‘go play!’ because there are so many unique and wonderful pieces to excite your senses.  Super soft alpaca, pure silk rugs, shaggy wools, heavily textured handmade rugs, the list goes on and on.  It’s a designer’s playground! 

In your opinion, what sets Interior Resources apart from other local and national rug showrooms?
Besides the incredible showroom, we are unique in the rug & carpet selections we choose to display.  After 47 years of working with designers and quality products, we have developed a selective style that highlights the best in the industry.  Through our relationships with international rug weavers,  we show our creative side by developing our own collection of rugs called The Black Label Collection.  These handmade rugs are imported from Nepal, India, Thailand, Peru, and many other countries with rug expertise.  Custom rugs are an exciting part of our business that we greatly enjoy.  We are strong supporters of GoodWeave International which inspects rug exporters randomly to ensure no child labor is used in the weaving process.  We are proud to know that our products support humanity with our commitment to ethical, child-labor-free production.

If you had to describe the Interior Resources style in one word, what would it be and why?
One word for Interior Resources is ‘family’. Sounds crazy but we are so blessed to do ‘life’ with such wonderful staff. Many of our salespeople and support staff have worked over 20 years together. We’ve experienced all the ups and downs of life together. 

Tell us about some of your favorite trends, styles, and/or collections for Winter 2022.
Some of our favorite looks that focus more on the client’s personality and less on trends include blending modern hand-knotted rugs with timeless antique pieces to create an eclectic home.  Combining flatweave rugs with richly textured furniture or layering silky oushak rugs over a woven, natural sisal backdrop adds a refreshing touch. 

We love the Graffiti inspired ‘After Hours Collection’ by our favorite rug line Wool & Silk Rugs. They are at the forefront of design for the rug industry and complement our style well.  Plus they are a small, family-owned business as well.

Complete this sentence: “No space is complete without _______________.”
“No space is complete without rugs to give them life”.  A rug amplifies the personality of a room.  It can create warmth with a rich texture or make you smile with playful color.  A rug can be your dramatic art for the room or your subtle backdrop when a room is already ‘loud’ with heavily patterned furniture pieces.  It’s the special touch that brings all of the room’s design together. 


Transform your space with a one-of-a-kind Interior Resources rug. Make sure to swing by their showroom the next time you are in the area and also give them a follow on Instagram for inspiration. Learn more about Interior Resources on their website.

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