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DDD Spotlight: Farrow & Ball

Meet Farrow & Ball, a luxury British lifestyle brand that prides itself on creating richly pigmented paint and handcrafted wallpaper using only the finest quality ingredients and an eco-friendly water base. Between their array of wallpaper and exquisite colors, they can help you elevate any space with their Colour Consultancy. Read on to hear from Paul Colley, Farrow & Ball’s President of North America, and Patrick O’Donnell, their International Brand Ambassador, about the background of the company and what sets it apart from other similar showrooms on the scene.

Tell us about the background of Farrow & Ball and how the Dallas Design District Showroom came to be.
Colley: Historically our showrooms have either been dedicated trade-only locations in traditional design centers or in high-profile retail neighborhoods. The Dallas Design District allows Farrow & Ball to have a location that uniquely serves both of these needs. We can work with Designers on projects be they residential and or hospitality, whilst helping consumers who may be unsure about how to use color in their homes.

What do you enjoy most about having a showroom in the Dallas Design District neighborhood?
Colley: I have been visiting Dallas for nearly 20 years. The district is truly unique, in that time it has changed into a destination that offers so much. Be this access to a vibrant choice of products or that it has become a lifestyle destination, residential development, and a growing number of restaurants and bars that are opening, there is real energy and a true appreciation for great design, and it has developed into so much more.


What can visitors expect when they visit Farrow & Ball’s DDD showroom?
Colley: We offer a very unique and premium customer experience, people may think that they are just buying paint and wallpaper, however, what we actually do is listen to your needs and select color combinations that reflect your personal taste. No other brand can give you access to such highly saturated and high pigment content paints that are eco-friendly. 


In your opinion, what sets Farrow & Ball apart from national paint and wallpaper showrooms?
Colley: There are a number of things. Yes, we offer a quality of paint that not everybody may appreciate or the fact that every roll of wallpaper is hand produced in the United Kingdom to your exact requirement. We provide unique customer engagement through personalized service to the customers; we only sell one brand and that is Farrow and Ball so we build true long lasting customer loyalty and the highest level of service and product knowledge you can find.

If you had to describe the Farrow & Ball style in one word, what would it be and why? 
O’Donnell: Timeless- The Farrow & Ball palette has integrity, none of the colors are too sharp, or too clean as they all, except All White, have the tiniest amount of black delivering a beautiful cohesion to the palette making them work exceptionally well in a historic build as well as the most contemporary space. From its generous collection of neutrals to stronger, classic shades of wine reds, baked terracottas, and regency blues, there is a color for every aesthetic.


Tell us about some of your favorite trends, styles, and/or collections for Fall 2022.
O’Donnell: We are still seeing with great effect the reinterpretation of the classic American/English country house look- colors are fresher but the layering is complex with small prints and tactile textures to create a truly inviting interior that feels relaxed and almost ‘organic’ in its creation- the look first established by Sibyl Colefax & Sister Parish has inspired many designers working today and never feels overwhelming or over-designed, it’s look is eminently approachable and deeply cozy!


Complete this sentence: “No space is complete without _______________.”
O’Donnell: No space is complete without something you truly love within it, every room should represent the people that live within it.

Regardless of how you want to transform your space, Farrow & Ball has the palette for you. Make sure to swing by their showroom the next time you are in the area and also give them a follow on Instagram for inspiration and transformations. Learn more about Farrow & Ball on their website.

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