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Create an Outdoor Summer Oasis

June is in full swing! Not only does this month mark the official start of the summer season, but it also happens to be National Great Outdoors Month A.K.A. al fresco dining and poolside lounging month. That said, is the exterior of your home ready to host? See how the showrooms in the Dallas Design District can assist you in amping up your primary outdoor living space, just in time for summer. 

Stylish Seating Arrangements

First and foremost, spruce up your seating arrangements. Whether you plan to host a neighborhood for happy hour or prefer more intimate gatherings with loved ones, your outdoor furniture should be stylish, sustainable, and perhaps most importantly, comfortable. If your vignettes could indeed use a facelift, consider JANUS et Cie’s Knot Collection. Designed by Janice Feldman, the Knot Collection’s latest debut includes a module center and module corner, as well as two-seat module left and two-seat module right for great adaptability in spaces of varying sizes. Pop into their DDD showroom to further explore your options.

Dapper Dining Area

Alfresco dining is one of our favorite elements of summer. So, when elevating your exterior space, it’s crucial to pay special attention to the eating environment. Given that our Texas summers tend to be on the warmer side, breathable fabrics should be a must. Fortunately, Azzuro Living, a line available through CODARUS’ DDD showroom, has a top-notch selection. One of our current favorites in their Kiawah Collection, specifically the Kiawah Dining Chair, designed in a traditional rattan style made for superior comfortability with all-weather handwoven wicker for lasting durability. Next time you’re in the CODARUS neck of the woods, go in and see for yourself!

Proper Poolside Accommodations

To ensure you have the prettiest setup on the block, raise the bar for your existing poolside recliners. Not sure where to start? Take a trip to Cantoni Trade. Their thoughtfully curated collection of Italian lines are new to the Dallas market and are marvelous. Personally, we have our eye on their new Kobo Collection. Designed by Stephanie De Winter for Manutti, this collection is timeless in style. So, what’s Kobo’s secret? A structure made entirely of hand-woven rope around a welded aluminum frame. The curved lines of each lounger are combined with deep, plush seating for extreme comfort that you and all your guests are sure to enjoy all season long.

A+ Alternative Lounging

Once you’ve got the basics beautified, why not also throw in a more unconventional lounger? That’s right, it’s time to hang up the old hammock and say hello to DEDON’s new KIDA Hanging Lounger. Trust us, this upgrade is likely to be the biggest crowd-pleaser of the entire exterior space and does not sacrifice luxury in the slightest.  Designed by Steven Burks, the KIDA is as delightful to look at as it is to use. It features a cradle-like organic design that’s open, airy, light, and inviting. Once inside, guests will enjoy KIDA’s comfy cushion, which covers the entire seating area, and feel, in Burks’ own words, “as free as the breeze” when swinging. One of the best parts? Even if your yard is sparse on trees, it's no problem as no trees are necessary given the option of hanging or standing hammocks.

Thanks to the showrooms of the DDD and their versatile pieces, outdoor living bliss is just within reach. No matter the size of your exterior space, adding just one (or all!) of the above to your area is sure to amp it up. Now, just cue the grill and get ready to kick back and relax in style all summer long.

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