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DDD Spotlight: Elegant Additions Dallas

Since opening their doors in the Dallas Design District, Elegant Additions Dallas showroom has remained one of our go-to’s for decorative plumbing and hardware. Given their exceptional selection, their ability to be so incredibly flexible, and their unparalleled customer service, can you blame us? Read on for the full scoop on why you should absolutely enlist the services of Elegant Additions for your next kitchen or bath project.

Tell us about the background of Elegant Additions and how the Dallas Design District showroom came to be.
Elegant Additions was started over 30 years ago by our owner, Julie Koch, with our first showroom in Houston. After the success of the Houston store, the next logical Texas Market for high-end designers and builders was Dallas.

What do you enjoy most about having a showroom in the DDD neighborhood?
We love having a showroom in DDD because of the convenience, it’s so close to everything! We see the beautiful Downtown Dallas skyline from our showroom. It is also convenient for the clients who book appointments for the showroom, plus it's such a diverse area that includes every type of showroom you could need!

What can visitors expect when they visit the Elegant Additions Dallas showroom?
Those who visit our Dallas Showroom will find a variety of looks and styles from a wide range of both American and European Vendors. Currently, we are working on an innovative secret project for the Dallas Showroom that is sure to bring clients in and really get their creativity flowing. Stay tuned!

In your opinion, what sets Elegant Additions apart from other local and national high-end kitchen + bath showrooms?
There are 3 things we feel that set us apart from other showrooms:

1. YOU TALK, WE LISTEN…. our clients have told us they want an exceptional selection experience curated by a knowledgeable, qualified, professional sales associate. We give you that and more!

2. WE WORK WHERE YOU ARE……. since 1987 we have worked in Texas, the Southwest, and beyond– we can handle your job no matter where it is located. And Design Industry Professionals come from all over to work with us.

3. MUST EXPERIENCE SHOWROOMS…. Relaxing, beautifully appointed, modern, easy to work in, featuring a variety of unique and exclusive fixtures.

If you had to describe the Elegant Additions style in one word, what would it be and why?
CAPTIVATING – at Elegant Additions, our well-appointed showroom calls out to you. Once inside, we offer a vast array of styles, finishes, products, and price points. We have something for everyone.

Any emerging industry trends or new collections you are loving at the moment?
We love the looks of both unlacquered brass and polished nickel for both kitchen and bath fixtures. We also love the hand-crafted copper and pewter tubs from our unique vendor, William Holland (pictured below) from the U.K.

Complete this sentence: “No kitchen or bathroom is complete without _____________."
Beautiful and unique hardware from Armac Martin - a luxury brass hardware company, dedicated to creating beautiful brass fixtures and fittings for over 90 years.

So should you be building your dream home or have kitchen and/or bathroom updates on the horizon, we can’t recommend enlisting Elegant Additions Dallas enough. And even if your kitchen and/or bathrooms are in pristine condition, we suggest taking a trip to the Elegant Additions website to get an even better idea of their inventory and capabilities, and giving them a follow on Instagram for constant kitchen and bathroom eye candy.

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