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Master Bath Makeover

The primary spaces one inhabits have proven to have a major influence on mood and overall approach to daily life. Therefore, what better place to make peaceful, aesthetically pleasing, and practical than where you start and end each day your master bathroom. Read on for our tips on how to give your master bath the facelift that it needs and that you deserve.

Tub + Shower

First and foremost, start with the epicenter of the bathroom, the bathtub or shower. Not much is more tranquilizing than soaking in a long, luxurious bath. So, why compromise with the contractor-grade tub that originally came with the bathroom? If baths are your thing, we suggest springing for a chic, stand-alone deep tub, like the ones at Renaissance Tile & Bath and Waterworks (pictured above). On the other hand, if you frequent the shower more than the bath, why not elevate the experience and upgrade to a steam shower? To get the job done right, enlist the pros at TKO Associates who can help you design and customize every element from pressure balance to steam control. And, regardless of whether you prefer to soak or shower, don’t forget to add all your favorite scrubs and suds!


Countertops clearly play a major role in any bathroom setting. Not only is it important that they be spacious, but it’s also crucial that they’re durable. And, since they do tend to take up quite a bit of real estate in the bathroom space, ideally they’re visually appealing. That being the case, consider splurging here. The innovative stone textures from Aria Stone Gallery (pictured above), the meticulously curated selection of marble slabs at Artistic Tile, or the stunning porcelain designs at The Tile Shop are all great places to start. Finally, once your new and improved countertops are in place, show them off and keep them as bare as possible, with the exception of maybe hand soap and a nice candle or small floral arrangement. All toiletries and such should have their own place. Worried about where it will all go? Keep reading.


Good lighting is critical in almost every space in the home, but it plays a particularly vital role in the bathroom. Choosing the proper fixtures and their placements is not only important for ambiance, but also for overall functionality. For instance, a dimmer is a must, as are recessed fixtures around the mirror to provide the best lighting possible for all vanity needs (think applying makeup, hair styling, shaving, or any other task that requires pristine light). For a more opulent feel, a handsome set of sconces or pendants (pictured above from Artieriors Home) will add a nice touch. For a bolder approach, a chandelier will make an instant statement. Regardless of your preference, look to both Arteriors Home and The Bath & Kitchen Showplace to bring your vision to life. And, if you desire a more craftsmanship style or customized piece, Wired Custom Lighting will make your cutting-edge design dreams come true.

Implement Organization

Once the major components are tended to, you’re not finished quite yet! Last but certainly not least, it’s key to implement realistic organization systems for all of your toiletries, hair/makeup/skin products, and other bathroom backstock (think toilet paper, tissues, q-tips, etc.). This is where being smart about counter + drawer storage space comes into place. Use the space available to you in drawers and cabinets wisely by placing the most used items front and center, then working your way back based on the frequency of use. If you’re going to use smaller bins or containers for storage within the drawer or cabinet, make sure it’s acrylic or clear if you can’t see it, you won’t use it! If you’re willing, we recommend a trip to The Container Store as their drawer and cabinet organizers (pictured above) are total game-changers.

So, this spring break, why bother with travel when you can instead retreat to the private oasis that is your newly renovated master bath? When you’re ready to get started, the shops + showrooms of the Dallas Design District are here for you.

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