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DDD Spotlight: Abrash Rugs

When it comes to rugs, Abrash is a name that people trust implicitly — and for good reason. Owned + operated by a 3rd generation rug merchant, Abrash Rugs DDD showroom is home to the most unique, fresh, and cutting-edge pieces on the market. Additionally, their dedication to upholding unparalleled services to clients has remained top priority since opening two decades ago. Read on for the full story of how Abrash has evolved from a warehouse on Eddison Street, to a 6,400 square-feet showroom that occupies both their original brand, Abrash Rug Gallery, and their newest addition, Abrash Modern.

Tell us about the background of Abrash Rugs and how the Dallas Design District showroom came to be?
We have been in Dallas for 35 years, and with a family legacy of more than a century in the antique and decorative rug trade, we always knew we wanted to open a showroom with our collection of fine rugs from around the globe. Originally, we had a warehouse on Eddison St. and were a wholesaler to other dealers in the U.S. When Dallas Design Center added the new phase, we were the first showroom to move in that year; the year 2000 in Suite 760. Wow, how time flies! 20 years have passed and it feels like yesterday! We recently opened our newest showroom, Abrash Modern, which was a natural extension of our brand. One day we just had an ‘aha’ moment and realized - to put it simply - we are in the business of collecting beautiful, handmade objects for our designer clients; whether it be a collectible antique rug, a transitional piece, a modern piece, or a custom order rug. In the end, our focus is on unique, beautiful pieces. It was liberating to allow ourselves to graduate from our antique decorative base. What a pleasure to be in the business of beauty!

What do you enjoy most about having a showroom in the Dallas Design District neighborhood? 
The Dallas Design District is a creative community with many wonderful showrooms and people that surround us. During our two decades here, we’ve enjoyed the sense of a neighborly community within the district. Dallas itself is home to such a vibrant community of talented artists and designers, and we have been so inspired working alongside our friends and neighbors in the Dallas Design District.

What can visitors expect when they visit the Abrash Rugs showroom?
Visitors will always be greeted by the actual owners, and friends and designers often refer to us by ‘Mr. and Mrs. Abrash’. The showroom itself is incredible; beautifully designed and, of course, people will enjoy the beautiful selection at Abrash Rugs. A client once told her designer, “I feel like I am in a candy store!!”. Our two showrooms, Abrash Rug Gallery and Abrash Modern, have direct access to each other for a total of 6,400 square feet and offer everything from classic antique rugs to bold or subtle modern rugs. We also recently launched a line of performance rugs that are eco-friendly and made from Econyl regenerated nylon. They are truly good for the environment! 

In your opinion, what sets Abrash apart from other local + national rug galleries?
Abrash is owned by a 3rd generation rug merchant, commonly known as “Mr. Abrash” amongst friends, whose family has been in the rug business for over a century and has 35 years of his own expertise in this business. He is a formally educated architect; this education helps with knowledge of scale, reading floor plans, and design intentions. At Abrash, the rug selection is fresh and cutting-edge and the showroom is always hunting for unique rugs from all over the world. Abrash is a name that people completely trust when it comes to rugs, and we are always dedicated to upholding unparalleled services to our clients.

If you had to describe the Abrash style in one word, what would it be and why?
UNIQUE. Abrash is known to have a special collection, full of unique pieces for the most inspired buyer. 

Tell us about some of your favorite trends, styles and /or pieces for Fall + Winter 2020?
We are seeing some beautiful work being done with Geometric and/or Tribal pieces with a twist. It's very fun but always has a timeless chic quality that won’t be a quick trend. 

Complete this sentence: “No room is complete without _______________.”
No room is complete without a beautiful piece of art on the floor. At Abrash, we see rugs as the foundation of any stunning design.

Regardless of your home style or personal design preferences, there's no better hands to be in than those of Mr. and Mrs. Abrash. For a more comprehensive rundown of all Abrash services, and to get a glimpse at their current inventory, take a trip to their website. And, be sure to follow Abrash on Instagram for a peek at some of their most recent projects + specialty pieces.

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