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DDD Spotlight: Kitchen Kandy Range Hoods

If you aren’t familiar with the Kitchen Kandy crew, allow us to introduce you! The founders of Kitchen Kandy are husband and wife team, Nathan and Elisa Lane. Considering Nathan has been doing metalwork since childhood and was formally been in the fabrication business for over 16 years in Waco, Texas, it’s safe to say he’s a sort of metal mad scientist. It didn’t take long for Nathan and Elisa to combine all of their design, engineering and sales experience together to start Kitchen Kandy. And, given that Kitchen Kandy can build just about anything a client may need or request, it’s easy to see why they quickly become a designer’s best friend! Read on to learn more about Kitchen Kandy and their broad range of capabilities. 

Tell us about the background of Kitchen Kandy Range Hoods and how you came to be in the Dallas Design District?
We had a metal fabrication operation in Waco for a long time but began spending most of our time in Dallas as demand for our work grew in the metroplex from our online presence and networking.

So, starting our new venture in the Dallas Design District just made sense. It’s a great district with great ENERGY! That energy is just so palpable when you come into the area. We began to network and visit clients in the area with such a warm response. Many would say “you should be here”. The community was very welcoming to us. Dallas design industry professionals began to use us more and more. So, we took the leap two years ago to move to the DDD and haven’t looked back! We already outgrew our first DDD building and are already on our second!

What do you enjoy most about being located in the Dallas Design District neighborhood?
We’re design-minded people, and the DDD neighborhood is filled with similar spirited folks all of the time. It’s quickly becoming a great live, work play area. We have our favorite restaurants and hot spots. People fly into Dallas and come to the DDD to shop for all of their design needs. We love being in the district and being accessible to our target demographic. It’s the place to be in Dallas if you are in the design industry.

What can clients expect when they enlist the services of Kitchen Kandy Range Hoods?
The ability to have anything made, in any way because it’s all custom. They’re going to get a handmade, artisan product that is not only stunning but will be structurally sound too. We marry good engineering with stunning beauty, so they don’t have to compromise. We are unique in that you can walk in and actually see the products being made. Touch and see the metals. You can brainstorm with our team to make your visions come to life. All under one roof. If you can dream it, we can build it.

In your opinion, what sets Kitchen Kandy apart from other similar local and/or national brands?
We actually ship nationwide and deal with all kinds of folks from coast to coast. So over time, we continue to hone our skills at working with high-end design professionals and their discerning clientele. We really strive to be the best at what we do. We are constantly growing and improving. You can work with a talented metalsmith or fabricator, but they don’t always have a structured front end to hold your client’s hand through the process. We feel what sets us apart is our ability to be talented artisans that make amazing work, but we also lead you through the creative design process on the front end so everyone is on the same page. Come in…pick, touch, feel and make decisions you can get excited about.

If you had to describe Kitchen Kandy’s approach in one word, what would it be and why?
QUALITY. Sometimes it may take extra time, it may be pushing the budget or we may have to change your idea a bit, but it’s all in the pursuit of making you a Quality product. It’s your special piece, but it is also our name, it is our reputation, it is our heart and soul…and we are learning to protect it as we get better and better at our craft.

Any favorite industry trends at the moment?
Well, in the metal industry, folks are migrating back to heirloom metal but with a new fresh approach to finishes. Instead of old-world blackened copper, we’re seeing it in bright brush and polished set against matte black or navy for a bold contrast with a slick feel. Brass is not highly lacquered and antiqued as much as it is softly brushed, matted with some folks choosing to let it naturally patina “warts and all” for an earthy feel. Metal is fun again and being used in modern, contemporary, transitional and all types of styles.

Complete this sentence: “No kitchen is complete without ___________!”
Our “KANDY”! Or, in other words, a beautiful, custom kitchen range hood of course! It’s the centerpiece and “jewel” of the kitchen. Or as Nathan says, “the hood ornament.”

So, is it about time you pulled the pull on updating the centerpiece of your kitchen? For something truly unique that’s custom-designed + handcrafted just for you, contact the Kitchen Kandy team to get the process started. And in the meantime, browse their website + Instagram page for a peek at what to expect.

Get to know more about Nathan + Elisa Lane from the Nathan + Elisa: 
We are a unique couple. We recently relocated personally as well and have settled in East Dallas around the White Rock area. We love Dallas! Nathan from Tyler, Texas and I from South Fort Worth, we are small-town folks who have really taken to Dallas life. We are both creatives and avid motocross riders and love everything metal! It is what we eat, live and breathe. Nathan has been an entrepreneur since the age of 16 when he owned his first business fabricating paintball guns, playing on a professional paintball team and owning a paintball field and pro shop. He then moved into commercial real estate to fund his dream of working in metal by owning a metal fab shop. Elisa has also been an avid entrepreneur, working in travel and in demolition. Being the daughter of a metal machinist, construction and metalwork have always been near and dear to her heart. We love shop life and the Dallas Design District has been the perfect place for us to grow as a business and as a couple. Someday, we would like to live in the neighborhood full time too!

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