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DDD Spotlight: SieMatic Dallas

Seeing as a good majority of us will likely spend more time than usual in the kitchen this month (anyone else hosting Turkey Day?), we found it only fitting to feature the SieMatic Dallas luxury kitchen and design showroom as our November spotlight. We recently caught up with Michael Baird, SieMatic Dallas' Design Sales Manager, and Ramon Longoria, SieMatic Dallas' Business Development Manager, about the background of SieMatic, what sets their style + approach apart, and what they've learned from their combined four decades in the industry.

Tell us about the background of SieMatic and how the Dallas Design District showroom came to be. 

Michael Baird: As part of the brand's long term strategy, SieMatic determined that Dallas would be a key market to open a new corporate showroom as both affluent consumers and designers have shown a high affinity for our brand. The search for space began with a desire to be located directly in the Decorative Center. Once it became clear to SieMatic that Dunhill was operating several adjacent properties, our comfort with being across the street from the Decorative Center became not only acceptable but also very attractive. We are very pleased with our new location and the landlord.

What do you enjoy most (so far!) about having a showroom in the Dallas Design District neighborhood?

Ramon Longoria: Having worked in the District for almost 20 years, there is a great sense of community with all our neighbors.

What can visitors expect when they visit the SieMatic Dallas showroom?

MB: Visitors to our Dallas kitchen interior design showroom will enter a space that is really beautiful. They will be greeted by either Ramon Longoria or myself, possibly both of us. The visit will be a guided tour that will cover the entire 3,000 sq. ft. space but will also be tailored to the guest's interests that are revealed through our conversation with them. We will listen to them carefully. Our purpose is to discover how best we can solve their unique kitchen design needs.

In your opinion, what sets SieMatic apart from other local + national luxury kitchen design showrooms?

MB: What sets us apart is our unique ability to create a modern interpretation of a classic look. We have the lifestyle collections and finishes that allow us to provide our clients with modern kitchens in the most traditional of homes.

If you had to describe SieMatic’s style in one word, what would it be and why?

RL: The word would be “Timeless.” SieMatic is timeless and has been for over 90 years. Timeless by Tradition sums it up quite nicely.

Tell us about some of your favorite current trends in luxury kitchen design.

MB: My favorite trend is the increasing level of personalization.  We are able to provide more design elements that are unique in terms of size, finish, and features, providing our clients with a kitchen that meets their design requirements and lifestyle.

RL: Generously designed forms, sensitively selected colors, and the avoidance of anything that is all too decorative creates an atmosphere of soothing balance.

Complete this sentence: “No kitchen is complete without _______________.”

MB: No kitchen is complete without that one element that will provide our clients with a moment of joy every time they enter the room. For some, this will be a ventilation system that works well enough that they can blacken fish without filling the home with smoke. For others it will be several ovens and warming drawers that will make the job of the caterer easier, thereby making the party better. Each kitchen needs attention paid to this one, or possibly several, element(s) that will give the homeowner the dream kitchen they envisioned when the planning process began.

So whether it be before or after the Thanksgiving holiday, be sure to stop by the SieMatic Dallas showroom next time you're in the DDD. And in the meantime, make your way to their website and Instagram pages to get a glimpse of some of their luxury kitchen design capabilities. 

SieMatic Dallas
1525 Hi Line Drive
Suite B
Dallas, TX75207


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