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Step Up Your Al Fresco Dining Game

In Texas, there is a very short yet very adored window of time right before the scorching summer heat takes over for the foreseeable future, that it is actually enjoyable to spend time outdoors. There’s truly no better time than said window to entertain + dine al fresco, and fortunately for us, that time is upon us! And, you don’t have to be a professional to host an outdoor gathering. Anyone can entertain, and with these tips + tricks, everyone will be begging for an invite to your next al fresco dining soiree.

Functional seating: It’s important to offer comfortable dining chairs, lounge chairs, ottomans and/or stools to give guests a place to sit and relax as they sip on cocktails or mix and mingle over a nice meal. Breathable fabrics and durable hardware are important factors to keep in mind. If you’re in the market for dining chairs, Brown Jordan offers sleek designs able to match most any outdoor style.

Optimal ambiance: Lighting is a crucial aspect of al fresco dining. One effortless + effective way to achieve an elegant outdoor ambiance is by utilizing a nice mix of lighting and candles. The most important lighting is on or above the dining table. Start there then work your way outward. If you ask us, JANUS et Cie’s Artisan Hurricane Lanterns give off the most gorgeous glow across a dining table.  

Statement piece: One sure fire way to take your outdoor style up a notch is with a unique statement piece, be it an accessory or a neat piece of furniture. However, don’t feel as though you have to sacrifice functionality for style. Case in point? Dedon’s Hanging Lounger. This fun yet functional piece is the perfect way to make a statement while also doubling as a cozy hideaway for guests to lay back and relax. Forewarning, partygoer’s very well may be lining up to take a turn in the sleek swingrest.

It doesn’t matter the size or location of your outdoor space. With the right seating, lighting + an iconic statement piece, your guests will be pleased from cocktail hour through dessert. So, just take a trip down to the Dallas Design District and you’ll be one step closer to transforming your space into an outdoor resort.

And, for those of you who may prefer to kick back and dine al fresco outside of the home, the DDD is always pleased to host you for each and every meal of the day. A few of our go-to patio’s and outdoor dining destinations include (but, of course, are not limited to) Ascension, Oak, Wheelhouse, Sassetta, El Bolero, and Taco Stop.

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