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Meet the DDD’s Newest Bundle of Joy: Babyfoot

The Dallas Design District family is pleased to welcome Babyfoot to the neighborhood! Sitting pretty at our Oak Lawn entrance, his residency will be hard to miss- as his blue figure is 13 feet long, 8 feet tall and carries a pouting face as he stares with disappointment at his big feet.

Babyfoot’s maker is Idan Zareski, a globe-trotting Israeli with French citizenship. Idan was born with an innate artist’s soul. He has never attended art school- finding life to be his teacher. He draws from experience, emotion, and the world around him. Babyfoot’s creation is no exception to this and stunningly portrays the imagination and skill of the artist. Regarding his current inspiration Zareski shares, “These days I’m in the mood to play Creator, to shape this same earth to which I belong and to extract my vision of man, my experience and the beauty that surrounds me.”

What Babyfoot might not realize (and what would most likely put quite a smile on his face!) is that his morphed features represent our universal bond to the planet. The onlooker might discover an innate desire to console the grieving giant infant, and will, in turn, feel encouraged to contemplate the history that is the natural and historical root system beneath our own existence.

And, Babyfoot is not without predecessors himself. One of a series of 8, the original Bigfoot mastered by Zareski (Babyfoot’s “father figure”) has traveled around the world, making waves in France, Monaco, Switzerland, Italy, and Costa Rica (to name but a few!). It is a treat to our city to have Bigfoot’s lineage in the Design District. So, on behalf of everyone here in the DDD, welcome, Babyfoot!

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