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Caution: Patterns at Play

So you want to try your hand at mixing patterns in your next home design. When it's done well, pattern-mixing can add direction and depth to a room. When it's done not-so-well, it can look like a chaotic mess.

Not to fear — the Dallas Design District is here to help you find some eye-catching and original pattern plays you'll love.

Playing with colors

There’s a lot you can do with color when it comes to mixing patterns. You could tie everything together by staying in the same color family. For instance, by making sure the same color of blue is in each pattern, you could choose anywhere from three to five different patterns on various accessories like pillows, throws and table runners.

But don’t be afraid to go monochromatic. As long as the patterns you choose are similar in scale and type, varying shades of the same color create an interesting but cohesive look. Find inspiration from the collection of patterned fabrics at Quadrille Fabrics.

Playing with scale

Speaking of scale, make sure to mix in various pattern sizes. One large geometric pattern, one medium floral pattern and one small striped pattern is a tried-and-true formula that works well together without competing with each other. Keep in mind that large patterns work better on larger items like rugs and walls, while medium patterns are better suited to furniture and small patterns are perfect for accessories and accents. To see some exciting patterned wallpaper options, take a look at the selection at Innovations.

Playing with placement

Be sure to group similar styles of patterns together for a more balanced look. For the most part, mixing traditional patterns like paisleys, plaids and tartans with more modern animal prints and chevrons isn’t a great blend. Also, make sure the patterns are balanced well throughout the room to prevent an off-kilter feel. Find ideas for the perfect mix and match of patterns at Kravet.

Playing with the rules

As always, rules are made to be broken. It’s not unheard of for a surprising mix of colors and patterns to work better than you might originally think. If it looks good to you, that’s really all that matters. For help finding the best way to break the rules without getting too far away from your perfect aesthetic, visit the team at Collins Interiors.

Mixing patterns is a beautiful way to jazz up the energy in any room. With a little planning and some help from the shops in the Dallas Design District, you’ll be playing with patterns like a pro. (If you aren’t already, that is.)

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