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The Dogs of the Dallas Design District

We are all about celebrating at the Dallas Design District. We celebrate beautiful design, stunning art, happy hours and good food. But today we want to celebrate something a little different.

We're dropping in on some of the most important members of the DDD family — the dogs of the Dallas Design District!

Here are just a few of the adorably furry faces you're likely to see around the DDD during your next visit.


DDD home: Interior Resources

Breed: Mini Labradoodle

"We love having him as our mascot at the showroom," said Paige Sowden of Interior Resources.

Louis and Zoie

DDD home: Inessa Stewart's Antiques

Breed: Bichon Frisee

“Bichon won Best in Show [at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show] this year,” said John Stewart. "They are also great watchdogs when they're not taking a nap. Which is about seven out of the eight hours they're here at work."


DDD home: Laura Lee Clark

Breed: Chihuahua

"Princess frequently visits the Laura Lee Clark Showroom with her owner, Barbara Fritts of Bayhead Designs," said Ashley Baker. "Princess is a sweet chihuahua who splits her time between Dallas and NYC and goes EVERYWHERE with Barbara. She especially loves to visit our showroom in the Design District and curl up on this fleece dog bed by Laura Park Designs."

Pip and Sis

DDD home: Jan Showers

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier and Silky Terrier

“Jan Showers has two dogs that frequent her showroom on Slocum Street," explained Natalie Butler. "They are sisters, but Sis turned out to be a Silky. She weighs over 12 pounds and Pip weighs 6 pounds. Pip is the boss but Sis is the sweet mom to her!"



Breed: Beagle rescue

"Kate is such a happy pup now that she is taking her daily naps in the Dallas Design Center,” said Cody Ables. “Kate is a Beagle rescue. She won't tell us her age, but we think she's around 9 years old.” Pierce and Cody adopted her two years ago from DFW Beagle Buddies. She's seen in her glamour shot here on Dash & Albert Rugs, represented by CODARUS.


DDD home: Texas Ale Project

Breed: Hound Dog

Red Letbetter said that Guidry is a frequent visitor of the T.A.P. room.


DDD home: Beaudry Gallery & Framing

Breed: English Bulldog

You can find 12-year-old Bandit patrolling his mom's gallery day in and day out. (Mostly, he sleeps and looks for food, but hey — a job's a job, right?) Stop by Beaudry Gallery & Framing to say hello and give him a treat!

Mario & Luigi

DDD home: Architectural Bling

These two brothers were rescued by and adopted from Operation Kindness. They are pictured here with Mrs. Bling.


DDD home: David Sutherland Showroom

Breed: Boxer

Silas, who can be spotted at David Sutherland Showroom, is shown here sitting in a Rose Tarlow chair that's specially made for dogs.

Luke and Nick

DDD home: David Sutherland Showroom

Breed: Airdales

Ann and David Sutherland’s pups, Luke and Nick, are their showroom’s best assets when it comes to showing off Perennials Fabrics’ performance properties in the showroom. As all-star cuddlers, they love modeling pet-friendly upholstery. Luke excels at posing, but Nick’s mess-making talents are in a league of their own.


DDD home: Spencer + Company

Breed: Pug

“Corbin really enjoys chasing his tail, every day, and is never successful,” said Junior Art Director Jenna Bradford, who loves showing off pictures of her pup.


DDD home: 316 Design

Breed: Red Heeler/Dingo mix

Ranger loves to go to the dog park and his favorite snack is chicken nuggets, so don't leave yours unattended around him! Thanks to a few past mishaps, he's not a fan of swimming pools.


DDD home: Wells Abbott

Breed: Westie

Oliver is the president of the Wells Abbott Welcoming Committee. He’s never met a stranger, and he excels at melting away your bad day with his playful stare and happy kisses.

Next time you're hanging out at the Dallas Design District, be sure to keep an eye out for these fur babies of the shops and showrooms of the DDD!

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