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Tips + Tricks for a Striking Powder Room

When you think bathroom design, where does your mind go? Stunning shower tile, a deep marble soaking tub and double vanities in the master bathroom? While it’s wonderful to have a large master bathroom that's to die for, don’t forget about that tiny space that almost every guest in your home will see: the powder room.

Because the powder room is usually such a small space, it’s the perfect spot to go bold with design in a way that would be overwhelming in a larger room. And the DDD’s got you covered for all your powder room design needs.


There are so many amazing wall coverings that are just too busy to use in your average living room or bedroom. Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of painting a bold pattern that would just be too dizzying for you and your guests in a larger room.

The powder room is just the place for these types of daring ideas. Bright colors and busy patterns won’t overwhelm this space like it would in a great room or a bedroom. Find inspiration from the high-end designer wall coverings at Luxe Surfaces.


Wow your guests with unique fixtures and hardware in your powder room. The room is small, so be sure to install a towel ring in an accessible and easy-to-see spot. A pedestal sink is perfect for creating the illusion of more space. You don’t need a lot here, so even installing just a striking faucet fixture alone will make a statement. Check out Bath Trends for their collection of faucets, sinks and more.


Powder rooms typically don’t get a lot of natural light, even if they feature a small window. That's why lighting is another good way to make a big impact in this small room. Think wall sconces, a pendant light, or two or three mini pendant lights. You want to be sure your guests can see, but make sure they do it in style. Stop by Arteriors to browse their lighting fixtures for ideas.


A few well-placed and functional accessories work well in a minuscule powder room. Consider a small but decorative soap dish or dispenser, a scented candle, a fresh flower in a tiny vase grouped on a tray. Or you could find a small floating shelf on which to display a framed art piece and a few decorative accessories. Accent Decor has a huge selection of accessories to choose from.

If ever there was a time and place for bold design, the time is now and the place is your powder room. Make sure you get what you need from the shops and showrooms in the Dallas Design District!

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