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How to Make Your Bedroom A Relaxing Retreat

A bedroom is so much more than just a place to sleep. It can also serve as a sanctuary — a relaxing room to retreat to when things get to be too much. And between work, kids and the approaching holidays, this is an especially busy time for many of us.

Create the perfect bedroom to get away from it all with a little help from the Dallas Design District.

Calming Colors

While people generally tend to prefer warm colors, cooler colors like lilacs, blues and grays create more of a calming effect. (But hey, everyone's different. If neon calms your soul, then go for it!) Incorporate your soothing new color palette into your bedroom by painting an accent wall.

If you can’t—or don’t want to—paint a wall, no worries. You can still make your bedroom the calm in the storm of your home with new bedding. With a new duvet, complementary pillows and a throw, your entire bedroom will be transformed. Throw in some new curtains, and your sanctuary is complete. Head over to Peacock Alley to check out their collection of luxury bedding.

Adjustable Lighting

Lighting can change anyone’s mood. Think about the bright, harsh fluorescents of an office — they definitely have no place in your bedroom. Instead, think soft and soothing light controlled by a dimmer switch to adjust for any time of the day or night. And if you love curling up in bed with a book, an easy-to-reach lamp on the nightstand is a must.

There’s nothing wrong with using the overhead light, but for your bedroom, you’ll find it more inviting if you have options when it comes to lighting. Arteriors has a large selection of table and floor lamps as well as sconces, pendant lights and chandeliers.


If you’re escaping to your room in the middle of the day, you probably don’t want to get in bed just yet. A well-designed seating area can make your bedroom the perfect respite during any busy season. An overstuffed recliner or a chaise lounge in the corner would both work well in a bedroom — they're perfect for mid-day naps. If space is limited, try a small love seat at the foot of the bed instead of the traditional bench or chest.

When you’re ready, stop by the Pettigrew Luxury Furnishings showroom for bedroom seating ideas.

Art and Accessories

Minimal design is often recommended for bedrooms, but that doesn’t mean you need bare boring walls and surfaces. Think more along the lines of "less is more" and carefully consider the type of art and accessories you want in your bedroom. Choose artwork and accessories that evoke a sense of serenity, and stay away from harsh edges and anything too flashy or ornate. A great place to search for unique artwork and one-of-a-kind accessories is the DDD’s Again & Again.

As with any room in your home, you want to make sure your bedroom is perfect for you. No matter what makes you uniquely you, the shops and showrooms in the Dallas Design District have what you need.

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