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The 5 Pieces Your Living Room is Missing

You’ve got a couch, a chair or two, a coffee table and maybe even some accessories and framed photos, but you still can’t shake the feeling that something is missing from your living room. But what is it?

It’s amazing what a few small changes can to do to make a whole room come together. Here are a few design elements your living room might be missing.

Focal Point


If you’ve got all the pieces but something still seems off, you might need a focal point. Your room could have its own natural focal point, like a fireplace. You can also create one with a bold piece of art, a large shelving unit or an eye-catching wall tapestry. The goal is to find a way to draw the eye to one spot when you walk in the room.

A great way to figure out how a room becomes a cohesive unit around a focal point is to check out how the professionals do it, and visiting design showrooms is an excellent way to do that. Check out the showroom at Allan Knight for ideas.


Your living room could be missing something as simple as a side table, a loveseat or an ottoman. These smaller pieces of furniture add an extra element without overwhelming or overcrowding your living room.

So if your room is feeling just a bit sparse, think about what smaller pieces you can add to fill it out. There are plenty of furniture stores in the DDD waiting for you when you’re ready. Stop by Arteriors for modern-yet-classic pieces, or see what’s new at Bungalow 5.


If you’re all set on furniture and your focal point is on point, you might just need some finishing touches to bring your living room up to speed. Turn your ho-hum living area into something special with just a few accessories.

Options? Try fresh throw pillows and a lamp, or new drapes and some funky vases. While you don’t want to go overboard and fill every single space, adding some of these items can transform your room. Find your perfect finishing touches at the showroom at Fabricut.


Sometimes all you need to pull a room together is a good rug. Depending on the size of your room, one large rug or matching area rugs in different sizes could be just the thing to make your living room feel complete.

Consider the size of your room, the color scheme, and the design aesthetic you’re trying to achieve, then head over to Abrash for their collection of antique and modern rugs. They even do custom rugs!


No room is complete without artwork. Use black-and-white photography, modern paintings or glass art to create the mood you want to convey to guests and for yourself.

You’re sure to find something you love at Dragon Street Glass Gallery. There’s also the Crawshay Gallery if you’re looking for unique photography pieces for your walls.

Whatever it is your living room is missing, you can definitely fill the void with a trip to the Dallas Design District.

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