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Fringe with Benefits

If the word “fringe” conjures images of the wild, wild west, think again. Done right, incorporating fringe into your home décor offers the perfect degree of style and flair.


Not for the faint of heart, fringed-out furniture is sure to impress anyone who walks through your front door. Think about adding a fringed sofa or chair to the mix. But one or two is enough. A matching love seat, settee, ottoman, chaise and a couch would overwhelm the room and anyone in it. When you’re ready, stop by and chat with the associates at Scott + Cooner. With their help and that of the many manufacturers they work with — such as moooi — you’re sure to find the right piece for you.

Window Dressing

Unlike cowbell, more fringe doesn’t always mean better. If you’re not quite ready to dive into fringe, dip your toe into the trend by adding a little to the edges of your curtains. A tassel tie-back here, a tassel tie-back there, and a little accent fringe along the bottom of your living room drapes might be just enough to turn a blah room into a wow room. You don’t have to buy new curtains and drapes either. Take advantage of the fabric matching service at Ellen S. Holt and custom trimmings made in-house.


So a fringed couch is too much but fringey drapes too little. Why not meet in the middle and add some accessories? You won’t be sorry about adding a little fringe around the pillow (or pillows), tassel lamps and lampshades, a peekaboo fringe along the bottom of your dining room chair cushions with a fringe-lined table runner to match, and maybe even a few fringe throws for your couches and chairs. For more ideas, plan a trip to the Kravet showroom. Even if you don’t find the right home accessories, checking out a few different set-ups often fires up the imagination.


If you’re a DIYer, you may not even need to depend on ready-made furniture and accessories to add some fringe flair to your décor. Depending on your skill level, you can sew or hot glue fringe to anything your heart desires. All you need first is a trip to Pindler for fringe fabrics and trims

Even if the thought of fringe makes you cringe, a trip to the Dallas Design District is all you need to find inspiration and appreciate the potential of this unique trend.

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