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Interior design do's and don'ts for 2017

It’s good to know what to do when designing your home, but it’s just as important knowing what not to do. If a beautifully designed home is the destination, you need to know where the wrong turns are along the way. The Dallas Design District can help keep you on the right path.


Trends are fun. Adding something from this year’s trends can rejuvenate your home’s aesthetic. But throwing in ALL the trends and the kitchen sink equals trouble, aka a confused and jumbled mess. Rather than mix in all this year’s trends, such as butterfly wallpaper, mixed patterns and materials, faux finishes and Greenery-colored everything, pick one to add to your existing décor. Draw inspiration from the showroom at David Sutherland.


Matching is good. But matching everything? Too much. As with trends, you don’t want to go overboard with the matching. Let's say pink is your favorite color, and through the years you’ve added some pink design elements to your home. Before you know it, you’ve got muted pink painted walls, a velvety pink sofa and a bright pink accent rug. Instead, think about mixing in complementary colors and varying textures and materials. Check out some expertly paired décor elements that coordinate rather than match at McGannon Showrooms.


Life is busy, and that can sometimes be reflected in your home. Towers of books, magazines and mail grow taller by the day. New framed family photos are added to an already overcrowded collection. Mementos of your travels and favorite tchotchkes take up every inch of every counter. Before you know it, there’s nowhere left to live in your “living space.” If this describes your home, it’s time to pare down. Donate or sell those books and magazines you’ll never read again. And for photos and mementos, consider a gallery wall for photos hung uniformly or an eclectic grouping. Pick out a few favorite items to display and put the rest in storage. You can always rotate items throughout the year. A trip to the showroom at Coraggio is sure to get you in the right headspace.


They say, “less is more.” But too much “less” and you’re left with nothing. A stark and bare home is cold and uninviting. Minimalism may look simple, but there’s a lot of thought that goes into the design. When you attempt to create your minimalist décor, keep in mind how you use the room. What do you use most? What have you forgotten even exists? Design around these ideas and choose pieces with warm textures and colors for a simple but warm minimalist home. When you’re ready, enjoy the modern designs of Scott + Cooner.

With a little thought and effort, your home will be a "do" rather than a "don’t." And the shops and showrooms at the Dallas Design District are the perfect spots for you to discover exactly what your home does and doesn’t need.

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