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Monthly Interview Spotlight: Cory Pope & Associates

If luxury and originality are what your clients are after, then Cory Pope & Associates’ 6,000-square-foot showroom is a must-see. With design projects such as the Bellagio and Rockefeller Center in his portfolio, Cory Pope is a well-known figure in the design world. He has a clutter-free aesthetic suitable for both traditional reproductions and contemporary classics, represented by some of the finest names in the industry, including Sabina Fay Braxton, Dakota Jackson and Sylvan SF. And with provided renderings, dimensions and finished samples, Cory Pope and his team can customize almost anything. 

Dallas Design District: What do you love about being in the Dallas Design District?

Cory Pope & Associates: The Dallas Design District is one of the best design districts in the United States because there’s so much to choose from in a concentrated area. With all the new residential, dining and shopping being developed within the community, it will only continue to get better. We love that showrooms here take pride in their vendors and their showroom aesthetic and that retail is combined with to-the-trade. Our neighbors, specifically in the Dallas Design Center, have innovative ways of keeping Dallas current with new design and design functions.

DDD: How would you describe Cory Pope & Associates’ showroom style?

CP&A: Romance meets bold eclecticism. Luxuriously modern, timelessly classic and whimsically diverse, Cory Pope & Associates is known for a truly unique aesthetic. We really wanted to create a showroom that is inspiring, breathtaking and somewhat magical. Gallery-esque and grand in scale with meticulous attention given to every design detail, the showroom has an otherworldly and homey feel all at the same time. It’s hard to define — you have to come see for yourself!

DDD: What differentiates Cory Pope & Associates’ style from its competitors?

CP&A: Cory Pope & Associates is consistently said to be unlike any other showroom around. We like to showcase the workmanship of the artisans we represent, and it’s reflected throughout our space. Nothing is cookie-cutter. Almost everything is customizable or one of a kind. It’s all about the story, the artisanship and the process; we want designers and clients leaving our showroom in awe, remembering it as a truly extraordinary space.

DDD: What is the first question you ask a new client?

CP&A: What inspires you and how can we make your life easier? Being a custom showroom enables us to design, find, build or create anything that inspires our clients. We pride ourselves on having the best artisans and resources, so we can often make things that wouldn’t be possible anywhere else. 

DDD: In your opinion, what’s a room's most essential design element?

CP&A: Lighting. Lighting will make or break a room. Have you ever been in a space that makes you feel drained because the blue LED sucks the energy right out of you? Furniture and art always need to be pin-spotted with warm color and directional light. You can always adjust to keep the light off floors and out of eyes.

DDD: Tell us about your favorite home décor trends this fall. 

Dark, moody and handsome interiors are our favorite — sultry is often underrated. We love space that makes you feel empowered, bolder or even sexier than you did before you walked into it. Also, don’t be scared of color. 

DDD: Is there any home furnishing and/or décor trends you feel are on the way out and would, therefore, recommend clients avoid?  

CP&A: Heavy mixing of patterned tile. It’s overwhelming to walk into a bathroom with 13 different tile choices when a classic minimal look can be achieved with two.  

DDD: In your opinion, what makes furnishings and/or décor timeless?

CP&A: Furniture that has simple, clean lines combined with romantic curves as opposed to sharp lines and over-designed.

DDD: Do you have a personal design philosophy or motto?

CP&A: Think outside the box, but keep it classy.   

DDD: Complete this sentence: “Every home should have...”

CP&A: Something covered in Sabina Fay Braxton textiles! 

Cory Pope and his team pride themselves on the quality of their luxury furnishings. In fact, quality is their daily motto. From seating to lighting, tables to artwork, each piece is crafted with your client's desires and needs in mind. Stop by the showroom to see how Cory Pope & Associates transforms “minimal” into “casual and comfortable.” 

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