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You know it's time to hire a professional when...

Your friends have always said you have an eye for design. People are constantly asking for your opinion on their decor. You're the one to take the initiative to accessorize your interiors and find complementary color palettes. So why would you need an interior designer? Shouldn't you DIY it and keep a little extra in your budget? Possibly, but we've outlined a few situations in which it might be best to outsource the job.

You're on a Deadline
If you’re under a time crunch, you might consider investing in the services of a professional to help you meet your checkpoints on time. Interior designers work well with schedules and deadlines. They walk you through the process and decisions so that contractors can proceed without delays for final layouts or designs.

You Weigh Expertise Over Savings
Yes, you can probably save a little money by doing it alone, but don't count on your redesign going as smoothly as the ones on HGTV. Those shows often have entire crews of interior designers and tradespeople to pull off the finished look. The time and energy you save by hiring an interior designer are worth the extra expense. It means you're not making repeat trips to home improvement or furniture stores and agonizing over the right shade of paint for the walls. Interior designers have the background, education and passion for bringing your vision to life, and that satisfaction is worth every penny.

You Want to Repurpose Furniture
A trained designer can quickly identify which items can stay and which need to go. They might save you money in the long run by seeing potential in an item you might have otherwise discarded. Recovering a vintage chair might be less expensive than buying a new designer brand, for example.

You Need Access to Insider Resources
Several of the showrooms and galleries in the Dallas Design District (such as Duralee and Edelmann Leather) are only open to members of the trade, so the general public can't just waltz in and shop. If you want access to all of the most exclusive products, you'll need to pair with an interior designer.

Most designers offer a free consultation, so you have nothing to lose by making a phone call and seeing if the designer fits your personality and vision. Many will even walk you through the Dallas Design District to gather your feedback on fabrics, furniture and accessories. Of course, they'll also be happy to have the freedom to surprise you with stunning results based on your style profile. Take the plunge and prepare to see a completed space you could've only imagined.

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