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Tips For Updating Your Child's Room

Every mother enjoys decorating the nursery before bringing home a new baby. She nests and creates the perfect infant environment. But all that thought and care she put into the room only has a shelf life of a few years. Before long, your baby is no longer a baby, and it's time to update their space.

To help, we've assembled a few tips for designing a fun yet versatile kids' room with help from the showrooms in the Dallas Design District.

Make the Bed into a Playhouse

Imagine going back to your childhood and having a bed that gave you sweet dreams at night only to transform during the day into a puppet theater, a doll house or a pirate ship. With a little bit of skilled woodwork, anything is possible.  Create a playzone with a printed teepee from Schumacher or start with a solid frame, such as the beds at Holly Hunt, and then build your creation around it. Need to fit multiple kids in the same room? This design is ideal for bunk beds. And bunk beds also work if you have an only child — they’ll have fun choosing which bunk to sleep in and have an extra bed for sleepovers.

Pick Fun Decor

Have you found a giant piece of art that you adore but that’s way too colorful to grace your living room wall? Consider designing your child's room with the colors and style in this art piece. Kids rooms have the potential to be unique, colorful and adventurous just like their inhabitants. Art Dallas has an amazing selection of art that would shine brightly in a child's room.

Go Wild with an Accent Color

Is your child's favorite color bright pink or lime green? Don't dismay. It's possible to paint one wall in this accent color while maintaining a more muted tone throughout the rest of the room. Or you can go all out and choose a monochromatic style. Innovations in Wallcoverings offers some amazing alternatives to paint, including leather and metallic. You might also check out Gracie Studio for an array of hand-painted wallpaper with a vintage feel. 

Find Cozy Furniture

Whether it's a puff, a beanbag, or a womb chair, you'll want furniture that's comfortable for your child to lay back and relax in. There are plenty of great options at Lee Jofa. Or go for something completely original such as these Adrian Pearsall Brutalist lounge chairs from Again and Again.

While it's easy to decorate your child's room to flow along with the rest of your house, think about what would make them smile each time they enter. Even if you pick a neutral color scheme, add some fun, colorful pillows or a rug that adds vibrancy to the space and expresses your kiddo's individuality. If your child is old enough to have an opinion, bring them along with you to the Dallas Design District and make it a parent-child date to pick out the furniture and accessories that best fit their personality and complement your style. 

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