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Tips for resale shopping in the Dallas Design District

You want to change up your home's decor, but you aren't necessarily looking for the latest trends. You have a certain era  and aesthetic in mind. Or maybe you're looking for lighting or art that's unique and not cookie-cutter. Perhaps it's vintage clothing you're in the market for. 

If any of these apply to you, you're in luck. The Dallas Design District has a host of fabulous resale and consignment stores where you can find the perfect new-old pieces for your space or your closet. Here are a few tips for what to look for when thrift shopping.

Search for Labels, Tags or Stickers

Though you aren't likely to find something from a discount store at Vinya off Slocum Street, it's worth taking the time to check the label on the furniture you're eyeing. If it says "Stickley," you've got your hands on a valuable Mission-style piece. If it says "Henkel Harris," you've found an heirloom-quality wooden keepsake. Both are worth buying, regardless of the price tag.

Look for Good Bones

OK, it may be fuschia right now or have pet scratches in the upholstery, but if the shape is strong, it's sturdy, the wood is solid and the joints are dovetailed, the piece is fixable. If you aren't up for refurbishing it yourself, Again & Again offers services in reupholstery with designer fabrics, lacquer and custom finishes. Or you can find something there that's already restored, saving you the time and headache.

Go Mid-Century Modern

Whether it's a handbag, top, jacket or dress, sticking to a design post-1960 is a safe fashion bet. Items before the latter half of the 20th century can come off as a little too costume-y without thoughtful integration into your wardrobe. Little known fact: undergarments make a bigger difference than you think. A dress made in the early 1950s just won't fit the same way today without a pointed bra and a lace petticoat. Shop the Refinery Consignment Shop or Bijou Luxury Consignment to find chic styles from the right era to complement your existing wardrobe, while adding interesting, vintage accents.

Locals know the Dallas Design District is home to a wide array of showrooms and galleries, offering more than just 21st century finds. There's a place for the thrifty to find a bargain on collectors items in both decor and fashion. So next time you're looking to venture into the past for a new look, take a stroll down Riverfront Boulevard or Dragon Street and see what you find.

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