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Statement Rugs for Every Space

Even in the Texas heat, your floors can get a little chilly with the air conditioning running full blast. Regardless of whether you have hardwoods or tile throughout, keep bare feet cozy with an area rug that can act as a buffer and a statement piece. Here are some ways you can incorporate rugs into every space.


If you're cooking multiple courses for dinner guests on the regular, you'll need some cushion for your soles. Try adding a stylish rug to your kitchen decor, so it doesn’t matter how long you’re on your feet. Something contemporary such as Farrah Grey by Nicole Fuller at The Rug Company should do the trick.

Living Room

Under the coffee table is the ideal spot for an expansive living room rug, but you could also place a runner behind the couch to add an unexpected accent to your space. If you want to call attention to your floors, head to Holland & Sherry for an eye catching rug. With collections in modern colors, prints and patterns, a rug from Holland & Sherry would be an ideal fit for classical home décor style.


After a long, hard day, you want to walk into a relaxing and comfortable oasis, starting from the ground up. Choose a rug with a cool tone and geometic pattern for your bedroom and rest easy. At Scott Group Studio, you can find rugs of rare quality that bring a sense of style as well as tranquility to your space. 

Dining Room

To avoid having guests trip as they pull out their chairs, plan for an extra 2 feet of rug on all sides of the dining room table. You'll also want to pick something with a flat weave or short pile for easy cleanup, as this is the one area that's almost guaranteed to have a few spills. Talebi offers stunning selections that instantly pull together your space. 


Frequent precipitation, high temperatures and high winds — Texas has it all. You don't want to chance having a rug that's susceptible to the elements, so check out Janus et Cie for something made to order from 100 percent solution-dyed polypropylene. The Eclipse Collection includes everything from a Grenada Sisal and Bimini Dutch Blue to Soleil Straw and Tiburon Balsa.

There’s no excuse for cold feet. Visit the showrooms at the Dallas Design District, where you can view all the collections and find a stunning statement rug for every room in your home. 

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