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Designing the Perfect Home Office

Whether you're working remotely or simply catching up after hours, having a workspace that's both functional and stylish can help you stay motivated and focused when you work from home. To design your ideal home office, consider these tips and tricks for finding furniture and decor to keep you productive.


The surface where you conduct your work should be large enough to accommodate your technology preferences. For example, if you own a desktop computer, you'll want a large desk that leaves you enough room for paperwork and electronics. If you transport a laptop to and from the office, your desk can be markedly smaller. Find a beautifully crafted piece from Holland and Sherry off North Stemmons. 


If you plan to follow the Pomodoro technique and leave your seat every 25 minutes, you may want a firm chair that helps you hold your posture, reminding you to take those breaks. However, if you find yourself more productive when you sit for longer periods, a more relaxed silhouette may be a better fit. Whether modern or traditional, Neal Stewart Designs on North Stemmons Freeway will have just the style you're searching for. 


No one wants to work in a dimly lit office. It causes unnecessary strain on your eyes, which could lead to headaches. To brighten things up, invest in both overhead light fixtures and a good floor or desk lamp. Overhead lighting offers comfortable, evenly distributed lighting throughout your office, while desk lamps help focus light directly where it's needed. Donghia off Slocum Street has a wide range of high-quality lighting options to choose from.


Every home office needs books and every book collection needs bookends. You'll also want to stock up on office supply essentials, including tape dispenser, stapler, notepads and writing utensils. Find a unique but functional organizer to store your odds and ends and keep your desk surface clutter-free. Incorporate bright colors into your accessories to promote positivity, and bring in a few air-purifying plants to help you breathe easier. Head down Hi Line Drive to check out National Office Furniture and Steelcase for office space inspiration.


When considering your home office layout, it's best to avoid placing your desk right up against a wall or a window. Facing a wall offers a boring view while facing a window is too distracting. If you follow the principles of feng shui, situate your back to a wall with the front of your desk commanding a view of the room. 

Let your home office evolve as you discover what works for you. Over time, you may decide to implement a more extensive physical storage system, or you may learn that you work better by digitizing your paperwork and working in a paperless environment. Regardless, visit the Dallas Design District for inspiration, furniture finds and helpful accessories for designing your perfect home office.

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