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7 Statement Pieces that can Transform a Room

If redecorating an entire room leaves you feeling overwhelmed, start small. You can totally transform the look and feel of a room by investing in just one statement piece you love. You can then pull color, texture, and pattern ideas from that piece and build a broader design from there.

Here are a few stand-out statement pieces to start with. 

Unique light fixture

If you're considering new ways to upgrade a room, a show-stopping light fixture can make all the difference. Whether you're seeking a reading lamp for the office or a chandelier for the dining room, check out Cory Pope & Associates off North Stemmons Freeway to find luxury lighting to fit your space.

Glamorous mirror

Beveled, convex, oval, round. Whatever the shape, a mirror can act as a focal point and create the illusion of depth in a space. It makes the perfect finishing touch to any room—especially the bathroom or bedroom, where mirrors are sure to get plenty of attention. Visit McGannon Showrooms on High Line Drive to find your new favorite mirror. 

Oversized artwork

If you truly want to make a statement with art, go big. A large piece of art is an instant eye-catcher that can help define a room or draw people down a hallway. If you aren't up for investing in a giant piece, try grouping some of your smaller pieces to create a similar effect. Browse Sun to Moon Gallery on East Levee Street for a captivating new photograph print.  

Vivid accent wall

Go for a bright, colorful hue or even a metallic to make a lasting impact with your walls. Covering an entire wall, particularly in the bedroom, makes a statement without going overboard. If you aren't quite brave enough for a bright color, try making one wall a few shades darker than the color on the other walls. This will break up the monotony without overwhelming your senses. Stroll into Innovations in Wall Coverings off North Stemmons Freeway to browse their selection of metallic, textile and patterned wall coverings.

Bold area rug

Pick a floor covering with geometric designs or a bright color to add interest to your living room, and choose muted furniture pieces that won't upstage the rug. Find the perfect handmade creation for your floor at The Rug Company off Hi Line Drive.

Unusual furniture

Freshen up a room by choosing a piece of furniture with unusual angles or curves. Remember: You can always reupholster to bring new life to an existing piece. Look into the selection at Griffin Trading Company off Howell Street to find something made with fine craftsmanship and quality design.

Personal collection

Whether you keep vases, stamps or hats, discovering a new way to display your collection can make for intriguing design inspiration. If your collection has an interesting pattern or texture, even better! You may have already started your collection, but look into any of the showrooms or shops in the Design District to find new pieces to add.

The next time you're shopping in the Dallas Design District, look for statement pieces that will add character to each room in your home. Remember, however, that when you add a new piece, you may need to weed out other strong personalities in the room. After all, you don't want anything competing with your new statement for attention!

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