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Your home decor resolutions for 2016

Each new year ushers in new resolutions, some body-focused, some career-focused and some home-focused. While making over your body or career may take some time, you’re completely capable of making over your home today. Or at least as soon as you know the latest home décor trends for 2016. So, what should you focus on in the new year?

Living Room: Artisan Pieces

One of this year’s trends is to decorate your home with items that tell a story: artwork from around the world, bold textiles and culturally inspired accessories. Find locally created artwork from Circuit 12 Contemporary or an exotic Persian rug from Abrash Rugs. The more interesting and unique, the better. If it’s history you’re searching for, look to Again & Again for antiques to complement your design.

Kitchen: Geometric Tiles

You want elegant balance in the space that can tend toward chaos. Stop by Artistic Tile to discover original patterns for your backsplash, counter tops and floors. Play with pattern and layout for a composition you adore.

Bathroom: Statement Mirrors

Bygone are the days of the medicine cabinet or the rectangular looking glass. Today’s trend is a mirror that captivates its audience. Find something with an unusual shape or a prominent frame to add personality and open up a small space. Commission a custom frame from American Fine Art and Frame or stop by Barbara J. Vessels Interiors for a fine selection of already-stunning mirrors.

Bedroom: Luxe Accent Walls

Gold, silver, bronze, platinum, you pick—gilded wallpaper is in. Innovations can show you a variety of textile wall covers, including those with a metallic appeal. Brighten your morning by bringing some shine and shimmer to the place you where you start each day.

Throughout: Scandinavian-inspired Simplicity

Colors can be fun to play with, but textures offer a more interesting, yet subtle, way to show your style. Step into Brown Jordan for a luxury leisure aesthetic. Keep things simple with clean lines, open shelving and a muted color palette that allows your accessories to draw interest.

Take advantage of the Dallas Design District as a resource for updating your home. Once your space is refreshed, you’ll be able to relax, breathe easy and focus on your other goals for the year.


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