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Patrick Williams

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Graphic Designer


Growing, hard working designer with an excellent eye for detail and a passion for learning new skills. Looking for an opportunity to develop my abilities and help companies achieve their goals. Very driven to always bring my best work to any task I receive. Special interest in environmentally conscious initiatives and providing a better world for our future generations.



•Extensive experience with Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems.

•Proficient with Dreamweaver, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many other programs.

•Excels with Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and other Adobe Programs.

•Web development skills.

•Great interpersonal skills and a desire to learn.




Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Fall 09 – Fall 12 Edinboro, Pennsylvania

•Bachelors Graphic Design Major

•Art History Minor


Pennsylvania State University, Fall 07 – Spring 09

•Associates 2LASCC degree focus in Art


High School:

Greenville Area High School, Spring 06

•CISCO CCNA certified in 2004, expired.

•A+ and Network+ training between 2003 and 2004



•Bread, a buffet restaurant concept; displayed at the 2012 Graphic Design Senior

show at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

•Founding member of the Paper Reduction Committee at Whirley Drinkworks.

•Worked with the president of Whirley Drinkworks to develop and communicate a direction for the Paper Reduction Committee.

•Lead the initiative to convert all Whirley Drinkworks meetings to paperless meetings.

•Redesign of skid sheets reducing number used throughout Whirley Drinkworks by half.



Zack Dickerson:

w:(814) 723-7600

Operational Excellence Engineer

Whirley Drinkworks

Cassandra Reese:

c:(724) 972-8344

Professor of Graphic Design,

Edinboro University


Paula Massa:

w:(814) 723-7600

Material Handling Supervisor

Whirley Drinkworks


1 (724) 504-6678 •

1001 West Park Blvd Apt 1351, Plano TX, 75075