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elliot goodwin

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Executive Merchant


                                              e l l i o t  g o o d w i n




3699 McKinney Ave., Suite # 584            Dallas, Texas 75204            (817) 239-3225








Entrepreneurial leader with progressive experience and accomplishments in sales, marketing, new business development, branding, merchandising, real estate, human resources, and financial management. A visionary strategist with a track record of leading a multi-million dollar level company to achieve vision, revenue, and profit goals. Hard driving, creative, and passionate blended with proven leadership, business, and team building skills.




· Vision, Strategy & Execution                                    · Staff Leadership & Team Development


· Sales, Marketing & Branding Strategies             · Private Label Development & Launch


· Merchandising & Buying Expertise                        · Real Estate & Construction Liaison


· New Store Opening & Market Entrance              · Corporate Culture & Brand Awareness


Brand Marketing and Company DNA IdentityMulti Level Turnaround Management








?          Successfully built a 15-store retail chain from $5 million to $56 million in annual  




?             Key leader and strategist in driving business to become the largest independent retail chain in


the country


?             Created a unique retail culture, for a mid size business, that led to opening seven new cities  


Including, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Denver, resulting in $18 million in new revenue first year


?             Led Company to receive multiple awards such as the “National Retailer of the Year”, “Top 10 Best Stores in the World”; and personally received “Retailer of the Year” awards.












Developed key strategies in retail brand positioning and strategy at retail and wholesale level, includes marketing, distribution channel strategies, assortment planning and product design, sourcing, brand relations, real estate, people resources and retail/wholesale operations.






LARRY’S SHOES, Texas/Colorado                               1984 – 2009


CEO/President,                 1988 – 2009


Executive Vice President, 1986 – 1988


Vice President of Sales and Marketing, 1984 – 1986


Led and directed a 15-store retail chain in five markets in Texas and Colorado with sales volume of over $56 million.  Planned and executed strategies to impact company sales and profit goals.  Provided leadership direction for key executive direct reports including CFO, Vice Presidents of Sales, Merchandising, Marketing, Human Resources, and MIS departments. P & L responsibility.










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  • Developed and implemented company’s marketing strategy, and maintained vision for brand

    marketing, re-branding, and co-branding initiatives capturing business in 16 to 45-age category

  • Developed and implemented an in-house marketing department with 15% to 18% cost savings

  • Developed/marketed a tiered private-label brand that created unique customer loyalty to the company brand

  • Headed customer focus groups, identified marketing demographics, marketing trends, and executed  new marketing strategies that led to developing a customer database of over 500,000

  • Achieved brand challenge by introducing new products and accessory lines

  • Created sports affiliate marketing with NBA teams, NBA Players Association, and NFL teams

  • Managed a $3.5 million advertising budget and generated a $1 million advertising co-op budget

  • Experienced in public relations, radio, print, television, direct mail marketing, internet

  • Established multi level sales plan and goals for corporate, vendor and retail stores

  • Created sales planning system and reporting for clientelling of sales associates

  • Analyzed sales performance by vendor, product line, store and sales associates

  • Designed and integrated Clientelling System through sales staff, systems, and compensation.



  • Maintained $32 million inventory, established open-to-buy, and reviewed product assortments

  • Led global outsourcing program that increased sales by $1.5 million and profit by 10% to 15%.

  • Implemented merchandising strategy, brand marketing and sourcing for 6 private-label brands

  • Recognizing market and fashion trends that built brand awareness and product design in stores

  • Led company in the execution of the distribution center and warehouse along with automated replenishment stocking system of merchandise

  • Established personal relationship with many brands such as Ferragamo, Cole Haan, Kenneth Cole, Nike, Timberland, Coach, Allen Edmonds,  Bally, and Bruno Magli, and Lucchese, just to name a few, many high end luxury brands

  • Facilitated vendor/employee conclave meetings to review merchandise plans and new products.



  • Led staff of direct reports and 300+ corporate office, store, and warehouse personnel.

  • Very experienced in recruiting, team building, and people skills.  

  • Instrumental in leading staff and vendor meetings to ensure company vision and goals were achieved

  • Created Larry’s University  “MAP” Management Advancement Program for area managers, assistant managers, and leading sales producer’s with management potential

  • Implemented “STARS” recurrent training program focusing on management, sales, product knowledge, and customer service that maintained a 10% pipeline of promotable employees

  • Introduced a  “12 Steps to Selling” seminar to facilitate improved selling skills at the retail level

  • Reviewed, implemented, and adhered all policies and procedures for all employees

  • Reviewed documentation in support of actions regarding Associate behavioral and performance issues. (i.e., performance improvement plans and corrective action documentation)

  • Ensures compliance with both federal and state employment law guidelines and that the company's policies are reflective of those guidelines






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  • Managed all company financial operations including financial relations, bank negotiations, legal documentation, and investment relations with strong focus on ROI performance

  • Led strategic planning including business plans and budgets for monthly and annual reports

  • Complete profit and loss responsibility for corporate, distribution center and retail stores

  • Negotiated vendor terms and store leases in conjunction with the legal process

  • Restructured the company’s commission plan resulting in a 20% increase in business

  • Created an in-house MIS department and collaborated on developing customized software

  • Experienced in Profit Sharing and 401k plans



  • Designed and built 16 new stores – 15 under budget and within deadline

  • Negotiated all leases, terms and conditions  along with legal for retail and corporate locations

  • Obtained and work closely with real estate companies and brokers throughout central and southwest U.S. for  market analysis and site selection purposes

  • Acted as General Contractor for five stores, from ground up, with a budget of $1.5 million each

  • Researched new markets, identified potential new store locations, and established financing

  • Worked closely with design firms on new store openings and remodels

  • Led effort to re-image existing and the new store opening concept with 19 store grand openings

  • Won two retail design awards for Denver and Houston locations by National Retail Federation

  • Worked with design groups in Ohio, Dallas, and Los Angeles



    National Retailer of the Year, Footwear News

    Retailer of the Year, Two Ten Organization

    Best Store Design over 10,000 Ft., Stores Magazine

    Best Store, Denver 5280 Magazine

    Best Store, Dallas Observer and the Fort Worth Weekly

    Top Retail Store Design Award, Denver, National Retail Foundation

    Top Retail Store Design Award, Houston, National Retail Federation

    Top 10 Best Stores in the World, Footwear News

    Top 40 under 40 Business Leaders, Ft. Worth Business Press

    Interviewed and worked with staff introducing a section of the marketing curriculum for The University of Maryland



    National Retail Federation, Washington D.C., past board member

    Independent National Retail Board,, past board member

    Two Ten Organization, National and local Dallas chapter, member

    Podiatrist Associations

    Sole Hope Foundation, Founder

    Ft, Worth, Dallas, Houston, Denver Chamber of Commerce, past member



    Written in numerous articles including;

    Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, Wall Street Journal, national issue; Footwear News, Footwear Plus, Stores Magazine, Western World Magazine, Direct Marketing Magazine, Houston Chronicle and Business Journal, San Antonio Business Journal, Dallas Morning News and Business Journal, Fort Worth Star Telegram and Business Journal, and Denver Post