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We are looking for a Top Sales Superstar - does this describe you? 

·       High achiever

·       Eager to be a top salesperson

·       Has a sense of urgency

·       Loves solving challenges

·       Has an open mind to learn from others

·       Not scared of cold calling to grow your business

·       Ready to achieve sales goals set by the company 

·       Enjoys learning CRM systems to help grow your business


McGannon Showrooms is a high-end furniture showroom selling primarily to the Design industry whose focus is on “The Customer Experience.” We are looking to hire a person who fits into our culture and team where character and a strong work ethic are highly valued. We are looking for a “people person” with a “can do” attitude who is open to change and shifting gears. Our constant fashion, product and market changes make for exciting work and creative opportunity. 


We value:

·       Hard work

·       Creativity

·       Positive Attitude

·       Questions

·       Teamwork

·       Doing the right thing

·       Loving your neighbor

·       Fun

·       Family


We are looking for individuals who exemplify the following qualities:

·       Critical thinker

·       Strong work ethic and self-motivated

·       Flexibility and ability to prioritize activities

·       Confidence to ask questions for clarity

·       Dedication to continuous growth and personal development

·       Wholehearted commitment to the McGannon culture- personable, positive “can do” attitude, team spirit, willingness to learn and bring solutions for company challenges discovered.

·       Enthusiasm for contributing to “The Customer Experience” through interactions with fellow team members, clients and community.


We don’t require you know all the answers.

Located in the heart of the Design District, McGannon Showrooms’ is here to welcome and connect people to see their design dreams come true. For over 40 years, we have been furnishing beautiful homes and vacation properties across the nation.

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