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Position: BREWER




Location: Dallas, Texas


Job Summary: The position of Brewer is a regular full-time position that represents a multi-skilled brewing position. The Brewer is responsible for assisting in the overall production of independent craft beer. The qualified employee must possess a minimum of the following listed skills, expertise and experience. The functions of a Brewer will be performed under little or no supervision in a timely manner and with acceptable quality. This position does include computer/office time. 


Daily/Weekly Job Functions:


  • A demonstrated ability to effectively communicate in a cross-functional team, Communicates/documents all pertinent batch related information in appropriate logs and to management.

  • Ability to accurately follow SOP’s and an understanding of specific beer process terminologies.

  • Brewing, Cellaring, and Filtration processes along with an understanding of CIP, sanitation and sterilization techniques.

  • Produces quality wort according to SOP’s including target gravity etc.

  • Perform daily job responsibilities including, but not limited to: CIP/SIP, malt milling, operating brew house, wort transfers, yeast pitching, fermentation monitoring, filtration, cellar tasks including CIP/SIP of fermentation vessels and brites, finished beer transfers, general cleaning, beer tasting

  • Operate manual and automated equipment while maintaining quality standards. Operate forklifts and other operating equipment.

  • Work with production team to plan production, update production board and execute said tasks in a timely manner. 

  • Monitoring of individual batches and fermentation of individual tanks of beer, records batch performance and raw material quality & performance.

  • Ensures QC samples are sanitarily taken and processed in house or sent to lab according to SOPs

  • Comfortable working with chemicals and maintaining adherence to safety standards at all times during routine cleaning of brewing/cellar equipment.

  • Must be able to work hands on at assisting and or leading all aspects of production, we are a small team and everyone must work together to accomplish the tasks at hand.

  • Follows environmental and safety regulations.

  • Must be able and willing to work a variable shift schedule that is dependent upon the operational needs of the brewery which may require 12 hour days, weekends, and holidays. Some weeks/days will be long, but as in any production environment there will also be slower times too.

  • Follow all company policies & procedures, reflect organizational core values and strive to maintain a clean and safe working environment at all times. Practice safe work methods and comply with wearing and using the proper PPE 100% of the time on the production floor.

  • Ability to frequently reach, twist, stoop, crouch, stand and walk for 8-10 hour shifts. Must be able to lift up to 75lbs.

  • Performs other duties as needed.


    Knowledge & Skill Requirements:


  • Four year degree in Fermentation Science, Microbiology, Chemistry or similar science focused degree program or graduation from an accredited brewing program and a high school graduate.

  • 2-5 years' experience in a production brewery environment in a similar sized brewery or larger.

  • Operations experience

  • Must possess a strong understanding of brewing science and production planning..

  • A background in recipe development and quality control procedures

  • Candidates must be proficient in MS Office software including Excel and Word.



Technical Skills:


  • Strong mechanical and problem-solving aptitude

  • Technical and practical knowledge of all aspects of brewery operations, including but not limited to:

    • business acumen for strategic forecasting, scheduling, budgeting and efficiency metrics

    • inventory and supply chain management, including materials ordering and logistics

    • yeast management, fermentation theory/practice

    • quality control and lab procedures

    • equipment, cellaring, cleaning and maintenance best practices, SOP development when necessary and enforcement of SOPs

    • working knowledge of safety and legal compliance requirements and enforcement



Competitive Salary & Benefits Package


As a critical member of the team, you will receive a competitive salary based on your experience and skills. The option to partake in our healthcare care program that has an associated HSA. Bonus opportunities based on beer medals won while apart of the T.A.P. team and other bonus opportunities.