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Water & Ice Paintings- Conversations With The Artist- Debra Ferrari

Nature is a driving force in Ferrari's paintings. Stop by the gallery for a conversation with Debra Ferrari about her new series of paintings inspired by the environment and climate change.
Location: 1605 Dragon Street

Water & Ice

This cuurrent exhibition features 12 new abstract acrylic and oil paintings by American artist, Debra Ferrari.

Nature is a driving force in Ferrari's art. Telling stories, sending messages, evoking emotions, creating a mood and feelings through her paintings are one of the reasons why she paints. This series all started with with polar bears and her concern for their survival. She uses many beautiful shades of blues, grays, white and textures seen in water to narrate the dire predictors of climate change through her powerful paintings. Gerhard Richter and John Alexander were major influences on her while working on this series. John Alexander greatly influenced THE LAST ICEBERG, while Richter the abstract paintings. Working intuitively, she reflected inward on her emotions, experiences and concerns about our planet and environment. Each painting went through an evolution. She would start with an idea and a feeling, but as she focused on her emotions and thoughts the paintings developed and progressed into their own stories.

Ferrari's new works will evoke your emotions through a visual medium.

Stop by and view these bold paintings from March 1 - April 28th.

Conversations with the artist:

March 17 at 3:00 pm

April 14th 3:00 pm