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Samuel Lynne Galleries Presents David Yarrow | 2023

Location: Samuel Lynne Galleries

Yarrow has been busy this year traveling around the world and adding new masterpieces to his collection as he journeys to many storytelling destinations. We will be showcasing his latest photography along with fan favorites from years past.  

Working with top athletes, models, and cultural movements, Yarrow has broken the glass ceiling to his Storytelling series, and means to challenge our minds and the boundaries that surround what a photograph "should'' be. Yarrow packs his images full of symbols and characters, creating narratives that have existed for centuries and have never been captured in these ways before. He reminds us that a good story can always be retold, and that the reshaping of these narratives reignites the fiery lure of the history, people, and places that shape his inspirations. 

Whether he is cracking jokes with collectors, attending philanthropy events, or falling into arctic crevasses, Yarrow reminds us most of all that to make great art, we must first make great friends. It is this desire to build relationships with each person he encounters that has made these new photographs so special. As Yarrow travels around the globe and opens a listening ear to the local people he hopes to represent, that same tune carries on in the essence of his artworks. It is the connections Yarrow forms that allow his photographs to connect with his audience so deeply. 

Yarrow holds an exhibition with Samuel Lynne Galleries annually, and each year the excitement around his presence amplifies. Please join us in welcoming and celebrating the return of a photographer who has done so much to get to know the people of Texas, so that he may capture the energy of our beloved cities in his ground-breaking artworks.