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Alexandre Hogue: The Modern Work

Location: Kirk Hopper Fine Art

Alexandre Hogue was a passionate observer of life, and the act of painting directly from nature and experience informed his work throughout his long career, which spanned from the early 1920s until his death in 1994. Nature, to Hogue, was the entire sensorial realm of experience, whether he worked from landscape or from the figure, from memory or imagination. Accordingly, he aimed to comprehend and express the tension and harmony he perceived between the self and the spiritual world, between the intellect and nature as he understood them. The Southwest - Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma - provided settings that allowed Hogue to immerse himself in the wonder of the earth and the mystical essence of nature. That impulse to record and draw inspiration from the natural world reverberates in every part of his entire corpus of work.

Throughout “Alexandre Hogue: The Modern Work,” the experience is alive, alert and open - a play of perception and reason that sustains our engagement. Seducing us with craft, warmth and poetics, the mid-career range of paintings and prints in the KHFA exhibition recharge aesthetic issues of perception and illusion by shifting toward life. It’s the lack of artifice, the feeling we are watching Hogue as he paints that makes all of the works so modern. These paintings display a kind of meditative outspokenness, an artist conversing with himself about the vanguard, then making that conversation his further subject and style. Moreover, they reveal Hogue in the process of discovering his own personal vision of the world and suitable means for its expression. Within Hogue’s forms, we witness a new consciousness being made manifest.