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Innovations For Trade Showrooms - Exclusive Dallas Design District Event

"The game changer to save the Trade Industry will happen digitally" Design Furnishings Association (DFA) President, Eric Chang.
Location: 1250 Slocum Suite 750B in the Dallas Design Center

Join Brian MacLaggan in discussing how designers, showrooms, and manufacturers can together embrace technology within our trade traditions to grow sales. What we risk through inaction, and how we can work with the many digital players testing the To the Trade Industry today.

Brian has been holding digital talks with trade industry stakeholders throughout 2018.

"We have all the intangibles - artistry, history, a superior product. Let's not forget that. It's time to rethink what to-the-trade looks like." - Eric Chang President DFA.

Brian's company ShowroomSoftware mirrors the DFA findings and is currently implementing a custom digital solution for the Denver Design District. Denver trade showrooms and the design center collaborated on a solution for today and tomorrow. 

Lunch Provided by Dallas Design District.