Discover Your Design District

Today’s art in a modernized 1940s industrial building! Dallas’ contemporary art space, SITE131 presents inventive exhibitions curated by director|co-founder Joan Davidow. Art from Texas, U S, and abroad addressing a similar issue unites the emerging and under-recognized artists. As a nonprofit, non-collecting art space, SITE131 pairs bright, mostly young talents dealing with modern-day concerns. Experiencing the artists on view, the audience sees novel connections and finds a unique context for understanding contemporary art in new ways. In a weekly post, called Art in Life™ an everyday image paired with a contemporary artwork teaches viewers about new art in a fast and clever way. As an exciting social gathering place, available for events, SITE131’s sophisticated modernist architecture makes it a perfect setting for group dinners, business and marketing events, private parties, and family celebrations. Co-founder|sponsor Seth Davidow has fashioned the high, wood-ceilinged former warehouse as a dramatic way to see contemporary art and provide an exceptional event venue. Competitively priced, SITE131 will woo your crowd. Facing the dramatic Calatrava bridge and the dynamic Dallas skyline, SITE131 in its fifth year adds a new dimension to Dallas’ art scene. Enhancing the Dallas Design District, SITE131 is free and makes special arrangements to welcome students of all ages.