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DDD Spotlight: SieMatic Dallas

When it comes to contemporary, top-quality kitchen design, it’s safe to say that SieMatic takes the cake. Ever since this family-owned company stepped onto the scene in 1929, its design standards have been characterized by a fresh look at the effortlessness of innovative solutions. Read on to hear from Ramon Longoria, Business Development for SieMatic, about the cutting-edge brand, its creative approach, and its DDD showroom.

Tell us about the background of SieMatic and how the Dallas Design District showroom came to be.

With our heritage of over 90 years of experience, it is our claim to be design and technology leaders in the premium and luxury segment of the kitchen industry. And Dallas seeing as Dallas is recognized as a leader in the design industry, our showroom is a perfect fit for Texas and beyond.

What do you enjoy most about having a showroom in the DDD neighborhood?
Being associate with the Dallas Design District for over 20 years and having launched several iconic brands, it is a pleasure to continue my relationships with clients, business colleagues, and industry partners. Besides daily operations of the showroom, I am involved with marketing and business development for SieMatic  Dallas and North America

What can visitors expect when they visit the SieMatic Dallas showroom?
We are extremely proud of all our display atmospheres and recently launched a new display featuring the SLX concept (pictured below). In the new SieMatic SLX PURE, light and lines unite in a unique symbiosis. The lighting strips subtly integrated into the shadow gap of the recessed grip are a key design element. They create a special three-dimensional effect on smooth surfaces, enhance the floating impression of the countertop and emphasize the balanced proportions. With individually controlled light temperature and brightness, the LED light has a direct influence on the atmosphere of the room – and the mood of its users.

In your opinion, what sets SieMatic Dallas apart from other local and national high-end kitchen showrooms? Digital transformation as a corporate goal – the central focus is on strengthening and transforming it from a sought-after product brand to an outstanding lifestyle brand which not only identifies the signs of the time but also sets out to play a significant role in reshaping them. In order to keep pace with societal changes and the consumer behavior of important target groups, the company is modernizing the brand and investing in the attraction and appeal of SieMatic.

If you had to describe the SieMatic style in one word, what would it be and why?
Luxury. We capture the interest of the client with each and every contact: personally, digitally, and in collaboration with our sales partners.

Any emerging industry trends or new collections you’re loving at the moment?
The art of combining – you can only combine materials skillfully if you know them. Natural wood meets industrial stainless steel, natural stone meets polished lacquer finishes, pastel colors play with primary colors. New combinations are proof of the courage to contrast and celebrate conscious breakaways.

Complete this sentence: “No kitchen is complete without _______________.” 
No kitchen is complete without principles of order in good design.

Motivated to make some serious updates to your kitchen space? Clearly, SieMatic Dallas should be your first call. For more inspo in the meantime, take a trip down to their DDD showroom (1525 Hi Line Drive, Suite B), peruse their website, and give them a follow on Instagram.

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