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Ascension Coffee’s New + Improved DDD Location

By now you’ve likely heard (and hopefully seen!) that Ascension Coffee’s DDD location boasts a brand new look. Recently, our go-to neighborhood café + wine bar revamped the shop to improve and expand upon the traditional coffee store experience. From the completely renovated interior to the upgraded guest amenities, and major menu additions, read on to find out more about what makes the flagship location even better than before.

A+ Atmosphere

The formerly cozy café has not only recently been expanded but completely transformed. Seeing as the expansion took over the space that was once occupied next door, it is now more spacious and vibrant than ever before. Upon entering the shop, you’ll be warmly welcomed by comfy couches, along with a plethora of well-spaced tables, booths, and plenty of areas to get down to work or munch on a bite. No matter what brings you in, we can attest that being amongst all the new decor and design touches makes you want to sit + stay awhile. And, before entering the new and improved interior, you’ll want to take a moment to marvel over one of the exterior’s notable newest additions — an amazing new mural by Brennen Bechtol. This not-to-be-missed work of art is flashy, fun, and most definitely Insta-feed worthy!

Improved Amenities

Along with the A+ new atmosphere, patrons will now enjoy operational upgrades that also lend to the improved Ascension experience. For starters, the hours of operation for Ascension Coffee’s DDD location are now:

Sunday, Monday from 6:30 AM5 PM
Tuesday-Saturday from 6:30 AM9 PM

Not only do the extended hours mean more time to sip your morning tea, have an afternoon coffee meeting, and unwind over wine, but you’ll also now have the option to enjoy dinner five nights a week. That’s right, Tuesday through Saturday there’s a new dinner spot in the DDD and it’s guaranteed to hit the spot. But, more on the menu updates shortly. Another major new perk you can expect to enjoy? FREE valet parking. Yes, you read that correctly! Gone are the days of trying to find a spot in the tight parking lot or around the corner. Starting at 9AM daily, Ascension provides free valet so guests can revel in stress-free parking during their visit. And rest assured, the abovementioned are just a few of the many advantages offered by Ascension’s new and improved DDD location.

Foodie-Approved Additions

Atmosphere upgrades and improved amenities are one thing. But we’d be fibbing if we said what we weren’t most excited about are the new menu additions. Best believe that Ascension Coffee’s DDD location now brings an element of foodie-approved cuisine that it did not before. Fear not, coffee will always remain Ascensions’ first love, but with the renovation, they aimed to establish a bit more of a food-focused identity, and as far as we’re concerned, mission accomplished. Find the fruits of this labor on the new evening menu (think tacos, crispy flatbreads, pasta, and more), available weekly Tuesday through Saturday until 9 p.m. We mustn’t also forget to also mention that happy hour has also gotten much happier with the introduction of an elevated new cocktail menu that’s comprised of plenty of concoctions worth cheers-ing to. And, for any regulars fretting all the change, breathe a sigh of relief. Ascension’s DDD location will continue to offer their acclaimed breakfast, lunch, and all-day nosh favorites as well as their weekend brunch. Trust us, those $12 mimosa carafes aren’t going anywhere!

It should go without saying that next time you’re in the area, regardless of the time of day, you’d be doing yourself a solid by swinging by Ascension. Whether to work or unwind, they’ve got just the fix you need. And, in the meantime, to get a peek inside the new space + to keep up with their current food specials, make sure to give them a follow on Instagram!

All images courtesy of Ascension Coffee

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