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DDD Spotlight: Claire Crowe Collection

For over five years now, Claire Crowe Collection has been a go-to DDD showroom for scouting the perfect statement piece or fabulous finishing touch for a space. Seeing as they specialize in beautifully crafted artisanal objects for the home, it’s easy to see why. Whether it’s fire screens, furnishings, mineral light fixtures, or hand-carved stone accessories, every Claire Crowe Collection piece reflects the atmosphere of modern living, while also exuding a certain timeless appeal. Read on to learn how Claire Crowe Collection has grown from an emerging brand to a fully-equipped design studio + manufacturing facility, and why working with the studio is such an exceptional experience.

Tell us about the background of Claire Crowe Collection and how the Dallas Design District studio came to be.
About a decade ago, after searching for interesting fireplace screens for my own home, I realized there was a real need for new options in this category - and I saw a big opportunity in this space for the development of a fresh more modern take on this functional home accessory. The scrolly designs of the past needed a new look. I loved being represented for over five years by Culp Associates but eventually needed more display space as I expanded my collection to include small furnishings, wall décor, and lighting. I was so lucky to find my light-filled corner studio just as the landlords were breaking ground in 2015. Surrounded by other creatives in the Design District, I could not be any happier with our location.

What do you enjoy most about having a studio in the Dallas Design District neighborhood?
Our robust Design District is full of artisans and highly specialized craftspeople and I’m constantly inspired by the creativity and ingenuity of the people in our neighborhood! While everything begins and ends in our studio, collaboration is a significant part of our business and we love being only a few steps away from metal artisans; glassblowers; electricians; and ceramicists. We combine skill sets, production methods, and favorite materials to make sure pieces are not only functional but also that they stand the test of time.

What can visitors expect when they visit the Claire Crowe Collection studio?
When you visit our studio, you’ll find an eclectic mix of things: carved stone centerpieces in different mineralization colors; mixed metal mirrors; small furnishings and tabletop objects like a copper kiss and a brass walking stick; mineral lighting, and lots of pieces for the fireplace like screens, fire tools, and log holders. We strive to incorporate a sense of the unexpected into our designs. You are original and your home should reflect that.

In your opinion, what sets Claire Crowe Collection apart from other design studios?
The world is moving so fast – it’s nice to slow down and do these things that have been around for generations – those ancient techniques and jobs where people use their hands and make objects - things people have been doing for centuries. We rejoice in being part of an age-old tradition and keeping these crafts alive. This sets us apart.

If you had to describe Claire Crowe Collection’s style in one word, what would it be and why?
Enduring. We strive to design and create pieces that last and that have a timeless, trendless character.

Tell us about some of your favorite trends, collections and/or pieces for Fall/Winter 2020.
While I feel the totem has had its moment, I’m enjoying the return of other quirky sculptural free forms. I like dramatic shapes and pleasing textures and think they add a bit of playfulness to rooms and keep things from getting too serious. The designs that captivate me most right now are: brass forms from Line Vautrin; enamels from William Harper; and jewels from Lydia Courteille

How exciting that this year’s Young Apprentice Award winner, Claudia Oertli, is part of your team! Tell us what it has been like working with Claudia + about the trellis screen she designed.
Claudia is such a delight to be with and a huge asset at the studio! She draws extremely well and has a great eye for design. She can also take a stack of rough pencil sketches and in about an hour transform the concepts into digital files ready to be cut. She’s a wiz at the latest tech tools that make creating and making things by hand easier than ever before. I was very proud but not one bit surprised when she won the Young Apprentice Award!

Complete this sentence: “No room is complete without _______________.”
No room is complete without an essential oil diffuser gently emitting a blend that includes ylang ylang and blue tansy. And, every kitchen needs an organically shaped bowl and a few sleeves of Toby’s shortbreads, available at the SMAA farmer’s market through October. My favorite is the lime basil!

Clearly, when it comes to achieving the perfect balance of organic simplicity and undeniably chic, the Claire Crowe Collection team knows best. For endless inspiration + to keep up with their most recent project, give them a follow on Instagram. And, to learn even more about the Claire Crowe Collection story and to shop their pieces, pay their website a visit.

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