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DDD Spotlight: Pettigrew Luxury Furnishings

If you frequent the Dallas Design District, odds are that you're familiar with Pettigrew Luxury Furnishings and aware of just how fabulous they are. When it comes to smaller businesses that offer unique goods + exciting customization options, the Pettigrew crew is the one to call on. Read on to learn more about the immersive experience of working with Pettigrew, and the true breadth and depth of their capabilities.

Tell us about the background of Pettigrew Luxury Furnishings and how the Dallas Design District showroom came to be.
Pettigrew was founded over 65 years ago and was one of the first tenants of the Dallas World Trade Center. While the showroom moved into the Design District many years ago, the focus remains on selecting unique home furnishings and especially lighting.

What do you enjoy most about having a showroom in the Dallas Design District neighborhood?
The convenience. So many resources and professionals exist in one central location. Few cities have craftspeople, showrooms, builders, architects, and designers located in one community. It puts Dallas on a level with other larger design destinations.

What can visitors expect when they visit the Pettigrew Luxury Furnishings showroom?
An immersive experience. The staff is warm and helpful, the selections are displayed in vignettes that flow into one another like a stream-of-consciousness. Creative professionals and retail consumers find inspiration around every corner and vantage point.

In your opinion, what sets Pettigrew Luxury Furnishings apart from other local + national interior design showrooms?
The eclectic display style, the unrivaled lighting selection, and the in-house UL certified design and restoration studio. Our lighting department is capable of all types of lighting services and manufacture and we have a team of experienced installers that work in the finest homes and projects in the DFW metroplex and around the US.

If you had to describe Pettigrew’s style in one word, what would it be and why?

Glamour. What makes something or someone glamorous is complex but the effect is immediate and without need for further explanation.

Tell us about some of your favorite lines, collections, and/or pieces for Fall 2020.
We love Hamilton Conte, R & Y Augousti, Kifu, and Badari. These European lines offer expert craftsmanship and use of fine materials for modern and transitional interiors – and even more important - we have personal relationships with the owners of each company. Like Pettigrew, these companies are small, family businesses that offer unique goods and exciting customization options.

Complete this sentence: “No room is complete without _______________.”
No room is complete without something that sparkles.

Whether you're a design professional or a retail consumer, it's clear that you're in phenomenal hands with Pettigrew and their unparalleled quality of service. To stay in the loop on the latest Pettigrew projects, give them a follow on Instagram. And, get even closer acquainted with all of Pettigrew's proficiencies by visiting their website.

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