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DDD Spotlight: My Showroom Software

If you’re a hard-working design professional, you’ve more than likely dreamt of the day you’d be able to digitally shop all the DDD showrooms + their products from the comfort of home are we right? Well, we’re thrilled to tell you, the time has come! All thanks to the Dallas Design District’s recent partnership with the ShowroomSoftware team, design industry pros will now have the ability to seamlessly source and communicate with any showroom’s staff 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Recently, we caught up (virtually!) with the folks at ShowroomSoftware to get the lowdown on the platform and how + why designers will want to be involved. Read on to get the full scoop.

Tell us about the background of ShowroomSoftware and how the partnership with the Dallas Design District came to be.

ShowroomSoftware was developed to allow showrooms and design centers to service interior designers where they spend most of their time, online. Instead of going outside the industry, we said why not partner with the showrooms and design centers that already do an amazing job. Our first opportunity to meet with the DDD was at a Design Centers International conference. That’s where we met Pam and we had the same vision for how a digital design center should complement the DDD. And it doesn’t take much to get the Dunhill group to be at the forefront of growth. So here we are.

What is the overarching purpose of the partnership and why should designers be eager to participate?

We knew two things, designers are sourcing online and there is no greater source for interior design products than the DDD. So it was obvious that we had to provide an online version of the DDD. Having all DDD showrooms, their brands and products on the DDD website allow designers to easily work digitally with the showroom sales staff in real-time using features such as chat. A designer can shop DDD online or drive to the DDD. It’s a win, win.

What can designers expect when they peruse + shop the platform?

Designers get to shop their favorite showrooms and manufacturers from one website, the DDD. For example, a designer can see dining chairs from hundreds of trade only manufacturers on one site. They also get access to designer net pricing, contact showrooms for quotes, tear-sheets and eventually live chat. Everything you need when you can’t get to the DDD.

So far, which DDD showrooms are shoppable in the DDD Digital Showroom?

Ambella Home Collection, Arteriors, Baker Dallas, Bright Group Dallas, Brown Jordan, Bungalow 5, Codarus Showroom, Currey & Company, Dedon, Ebanista, EC Dicken, Ferrel Mittman, Hickory Chair, ID Collection, McGannon Showroom, Made Goods, and Marge Carson.

What do you enjoy most about working with the DDD showrooms?

I have worked as a to-the-trade designer, manufacturer, and showroom owner. So I enjoy listening and sharing views on the current state of the trade industry. During these discussions, we dig into what we believe will be good for the industry and what we think will not. All the stakeholders are considered, designers, showrooms, and manufacturers. We understand that how we grow digitally has to create new opportunities in a way that works within our trade traditions.   

How can showrooms who are not yet participating get involved?

Showrooms who wish to take part can go to and contact us there. We want the showrooms to view the Digital Dallas Design Center in the same rationale as to why they decided to rent space at the DDD; for leveraging a one-stop-shop for designers. The same rationale and strategy should be applied digitally through the DDD website.

Does ShowroomSoftware partner with any other design districts?

Yes, we have partnered with the Laguna Niguel Design Center, Denver Design District, and the Seattle Design Center. Each design center is specific to its territory so that designers have direct access to their favorite showrooms and sales staff.


Complete this sentence: “The best part about the DDD Digital Showroom shopping experience is _______________.

The ability to source hundreds of thousands of to the trade products online and continue working with the showrooms they have trusted for decades.

So, designers who are not yet involved but now wish to be, go ahead and get started with a demo and be on your way today! For all those already participating, click here to start digitally shopping all the brands + products from your favorite DDD showrooms. And everyone, make sure to follow ShowroomSoftware on Instagram to see the variety of beautiful brands + products being sourced from all of the different Design Centers around the country that the platform partners with.

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