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DDD Spotlight: eggersmann USA

If you're anything like us, extended time at home has meant extended time in the kitchen. And, if you're even more like us, all the extra time spent in the space has finally convinced you it's time to make some much-needed updates. Enter: eggersmann USA. We recently (virtually!) caught up with Evan Soltoff, Vice President of Operations for eggersmann USA's Houston and Dallas showrooms to see how their family-business is coping with COVID, and all the ways in which they're conforming to operate in this new norm. 

Tell us about the background of eggersmann USA and how the Dallas Design District showroom came to be.

Eggersmann USA is truly a labor of love and passion of cabinetry design for my entire family. My mother and father started the family business over 30 years ago just outside of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. We had a very different business model then we do now, and we were serving a very rural small-town area. We soon developed an affinity specifically for German products with crafted precision and expertise. It was sheer magic that brought us together with eggersmann Germany, another family-owned business with more than 100 years of experience. The partnership just felt right, it felt like an extended family. The drive for meticulousness, customer service, and pushing the limits of design has allowed us to carry our products across the United States. The Dallas Design District showroom is one of our latest studios and we could not be prouder to join the strong Dallas Design community.

What do you enjoy most about having a showroom in the DDD neighborhood?

There is always an exciting event going on in the Design District. It’s wonderful to see the new art exhibits, sculptures, venues, and businesses opening in the area. The Design District is totally walkable and I thoroughly enjoy closing shop for the day and walking down the street to meet a friend for dinner and drinks at one of the many eateries and bistros. Being here makes me feel like we are the beating heart of the city. We rely on each other as neighbors and you can see the great pride that each studio takes with their individual craft.

When normal daily activity resumes post-pandemic, what can visitors expect when they visit the eggersmann USA showroom?

One of the most important things for me when a customer visits our studio is to make them feel welcome. Yes, we sell a luxury product; however, there are no barriers to enter and every guest should feel welcome in our home. I have experienced entering a high fashion or luxury product store and felt judged or even ignored. Our team will greet you with a smile on their face and take all the time in the world to show you what we do because they are proud of what we have. If you would like to privately tour that is also understandable, and you will be given space to do so. 

In your opinion, what sets eggersmann USA apart from other local + national kitchen design showrooms?

What sets us apart now more than ever is that we are taking extra measures and precautions for the safety of our team and our guests to ensure absolute comfort and safety. We have implemented a maximum guest policy in the showroom of no more than five and meetings will be conducted one at a time with no overlap. Daily and consistent cleaning and sanitizing practices will be carried out, as well as distancing when touring and working in our studio will be maintained. Please check out all the steps we are taking here in this video.

If you had to describe the eggersmann USA style in one word, what would it be and why?

Describing our product in one word is a challenge because it’s different things to each customer, so I will simply say the style of eggersmann is Individual; Individual to each client is truly our focus. We make customized cabinetry for your home, so the style is yours.

Tell us about any new policies and/or procedures you’ve put in place for installers, given the current state of global affairs.

Our on-site technicians are the heart of our operation. The process starts with the precision craftsman at the factory and finishes with the same level of care and attention in your home. Our fitting experts are factory trained and are equipped with the latest tools and technology to complete the assembly of eggersmann into your home. Now more than ever we are focused on safety above all. Please check out this video to see what additional steps we are taking in your home.

Complete this sentence: “No kitchen is complete without _______________.”

No kitchen is complete without the proper lighting. Perhaps one of the most overlooked and crucial items in a working kitchen is the lighting. Proper positioning and brightness of the illumination while working in a kitchen can make the difference in a safe kitchen. Remember we are using some of the most dangerous and sharp objects in a home right here in this space so seeing properly is truly critical. On every project, we review with our customers their overhead and under cabinet lighting solutions to ensure safe and clear operation.

So, are your wheels spinning now more than ever over what to upgrade first in your kitchen space? Enlist eggersmann and be one step closer to executing! And, in the meantime, drum up even more inspiration by browsing their website + Instagram pages.

eggersmann USA
1616 Hi Line Drive
Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75207

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