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DDD Spotlight: AF Home Interiors

For those who may not know, AF Home Interiors, owned + operated by Baron Farha, opened its doors in the DDD this March, and we couldn't be happier to house this stylish new showroom. Between the handcrafted, innovative designs, the commitment to quality, and the impeccable customer service, there's no better industry pro to entrust your vision with. Read on to get more familiar with Baron's showroom and his personalized approach to working with designers + clients alike.

Tell us about the background of AF Home and how the Dallas Design District showroom came to be.
AF Home was born many years ago, but it took years to get all the working parts together for the dream to become reality. This has been a dream of mine for the last 10 years, however; I needed time to hone the craft and learn from others.

What do you enjoy most (so far!) about having a showroom in the Dallas Design District neighborhood?
What I enjoy the most so far, is being able to showcase my own designs as well as buy merchandise that really fits my client's needs. If I want to buy a hot pink chair because I've paid attention to my client's projects, then I can! I also love being able to make the decisions I know are in the best interest of my clients and moving forward without question. This movement goes a very long way in business and I enjoy making our clients feel extremely special.

What can visitors expect when they visit the AF Home showroom?
Visitors that come into AF Home Interiors will receive impeccable service that stands out from the rest of the showrooms. All of the clients that have shopped with me before know my character and how I run my business. I have a firm policy that every client that walks in the doors should feel like it’s their first time every time. You will be treated as if you were in my own personal home and there is never, repeat never any heavy selling. I always tell people “I WANT to sell you something but I DON'T need to sell you anything”. It’s a philosophy for me. People don’t want to be followed around, people don’t want to feel pressured either. After all, it is an “experience” I want them to leave totally satisfied with.

In your opinion, what sets AF Home apart from other local + national interior design showrooms?
Three things that definitely set us apart are our custom program, the unique products we carry, and the level of service we deliver. The showroom is all about scouting for the designer. That is my primary goal here at AF Home Interiors. Whether it be something ultra-modern, farm to table’ish or something uber traditional. I have the ability and the opportunity to shop with 40+ vendors to achieve whatever look the client desires. You tell me what you’re working on and I will go the extra mile to provide options for you and your clients so that burden no longer has to be a burden. I want to be a “one-stop shopping source” for everyone. I have the pleasure of working with incredible vendors all over the country that produce the highest quality products. I can design anything you wish! So, bring us your inspiration or we can sit down and sketch together. Considering we offer wood, stone, metal, veneer, and lacquer, we can create almost anything a client can come up with. On top of that, we will be launching a private label line in 2021 that we are currently working on now to showcase at Highpoint Market next spring. I want our clients to be a huge part of the equation when it comes to the custom program. To be involved from start to finish, as I feel it really gives them a sense that this piece is being made just for them.

If you had to describe the AF Home's style in one word, what would it be and why?
The style of AF Home will be ever-changing so that’s a very hard question to answer. I like to think of us as “trendsetters” and not “trend followers”, so creating one's own style is where I would categorize AF Home.

Tell us about some of your favorite trends, collections and/or pieces for spring + summer 2020.
I tend to think trends are just that, “trendy”. The word speaks for itself and we firmly believe that in design, you must incorporate different elements to achieve a trend. For instance, when everyone is stuck in what I like to call a “taupe coma”, AF Home will be using color and vibrant pieces to set off a room. People are sometimes afraid to step outside of the box and try something new, so I always remind clients, showrooms like AF Home are here to help you avoid big, often costly mistakes.

Complete this sentence: “No room is complete without _______________.”
No room will ever be complete without items from AF Home Interiors! A couple of my favorites being our new private label candle line that comes in 5 unique fragrances, along with our custom pillow line, both of which help support the American Cancer Society.

So, who's already planning their first trip to AF Home post-quarantine life? We know we are! In the interim, pass some time at home by exploring their website + following them on Instagram to stay in the loop on their latest + greatest finds.

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