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Classic Anchor Pieces to Keep Year-Round

Whether it’s the changing of the seasons, the holidays or a special occasion, changing up your home decor is an opportunity to show off your ever-evolving style. That being said, it’s important to incorporate classic pieces that will center your home, but also give you the flexibility to mix up your look without sacrificing cohesiveness. Ahead, find the anchor pieces that never go out of style + work with your decor year-round. 

A Timeless Light Fixture
There’s no better way to set the stage of your home’s ambiance than with your lighting choices. Incorporating a timeless fixture in your space is not only a simple way to show off your style, but allows for decor workarounds. Head to Wired Designs to choose a classic fixture from their curated collection or invest in a custom piece that is truly unique to you. And, if you haven't yet, get to know even more about the Wired team and their breadth + depth of services in our latest Q&A with them!

A Minimalist Rug
Building your furniture and decor around a sizable area rug is a subtle yet easy way to tie a room together. While the style of rug is completely up to you, remember to choose a minimalist pattern or understated color palette so your decor can easily work around it. Abrash Rugs offers everything from antique to Moroccan to modern styles so you can pick the perfect rug that not only matches your personality but can mesh with the transitioning decor. 

A Focal Piece of Furniture
Whether you want to transform the living room or give your dining area a new twist, having a focal piece of furniture to center your decor adds a cohesiveness that smaller items can’t. Look to Baker Furniture for a wide selection of pieces, where you can find anything from a chest for your entryway to a customizable sectional for your living room.

Classic, timeless pieces are your key to pulling off a mid-year decor switch at the drop of a hat. Keep these in mind as you look for pieces to frame your rotating decor and add a cohesive element to your rooms.

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