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DDD Spotlight: Mil Bodron of Bodron/Fruit

For May's installment of our monthly spotlight, we spoke with notable designer Mil Bodron of architecture and design firm, Bodron/Fruit. While Mil, Svend (Fruit) and their team may office outside of the immediate Dallas Design District community, they are frequent visitors to our neighborhood, as they work with many of our shops + showrooms on a very regular basis and have ever since they got their start. Read on to learn more about Bodron/Fruit and what's kept them coming back to the DDD for the past three decades. 

Tell us about the history of Bodron/Fruit and how the architecture and design firm came to be.

Svend and I met nearly 30 years ago. We established our partnership in 1998 after many years of collaborating on various projects. We share a passion for methodical, purposeful design that makes the best use of a space.

What are some of your go-to spots in the Dallas Design District for sourcing client pieces?

To start, always Scott + Cooner along with SMINK for modern furniture, whether visiting in person or over the phone. Also always on the agenda is a stop at Holland & Sherry to browse new fluffy textures, fabulous fabrics, and rugs.

When it comes to plumbing fittings and fixtures, TKO Associates is our go-to for sourcing the most beautiful cutting edge items, because Lord knows, you’ve got to have a nice toilet and it certainly must be pretty!

If I’m on the hunt specifically for a rug, I pop into House of Tai Ping, Scott Group Studio, The Rug Company, and Holland & Sherry. There are few interior projects we’ve done that haven't sourced carpeting from Interior Resources. There are also such great fabrics to be found at ID Collection, and we’ve been very lucky to have our own Holly Hunt showroom that brings American and international style to Dallas.

And, we, of course, can't forget to mention that the Dallas Design District wouldn’t be the same, or what it is today, without David Sutherland and George Cameron Nash. These two Dallas diehard, multi-line showrooms offer the very best in custom fine design collections, from furniture to lighting. * Insider tip: Whenever George is in the showroom - he is always good for an “interesting” story and a chuckle.

What do you enjoy most about working with the showrooms and tenants in the Dallas Design District community?

I really enjoy going in to experience the pieces in person, whether it’s alone with staff or with a client. In this current changing landscape of the interior design industry, so much business is done online, which makes it's much more difficult to tell what something actually looks like, how the texture really feels, how the color appears or how dense the cushions might be without being there in person.

Many of the showrooms and their reps have been there for years and know the Bodron/Fruit business. Those long term relationships translate to them knowing what we want and how we want it, without having to ask too many questions, if any at all.

In your opinion, what sets Bodron/Fruit apart from other local design and architecture firms?

Our firm offers full-service architecture and interior design, services that can either be used together or separately. When a project involves both services, interiors are planned in conjunction with the architectural design, allowing everything to be planned out in advance. Sourcing interior finishes, furnishings and building materials at the same time offers a seamless overlap in the design process.

If you had to describe Bodron/Fruit’s style in one word, what would it be and why?

There isn’t one word to describe our style. We believe in beautifully correct and detailed backgrounds that highlight our client’s personal lifestyle. Our goal is to put together flawlessly detailed interiors in which each element works together seamlessly - from the materials on the floors to the texture of the furnishings to the hinges on doors.

Any past, present or upcoming projects that the team is particularly proud of and/or excited about?

All of them! Whether 20 years old or in the initial design phase, each one of our projects brings a unique aspect of excitement. Revisiting an older project is often just as rewarding as the vision for a future project.

Complete this sentence: “No home is complete without ___________." 

No home is complete without Bodron/Fruit, of course!

To learn more about Mil, Svend, the Bodron/Fruit team and their work, visit their website and give them a follow on Instagram. And, next time you see them browsing around the DDD, be sure to stop and say hello! 

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