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DDD Spotlight: Bungalow 5

From chic storage + shelving options to high-quality art + decor, Bungalow 5 is known for its timeless pieces that bring a modern perspective to classic luxury. This month, we caught up with the Bungalow 5 Dallas team to chat about all things B5. Read on to learn more about their DDD showroom and what makes the Bungalow 5 experience so special.

Tell us the background of Bungalow 5 and how the Dallas Design District showroom came to be. 

Before opening our current Dallas Design District stand-alone showroom, we were located in a multi-line showroom and weren't able to display most of our collections. The DDD was attracting established businesses and we felt that it was the right time to expand our footprint. We can now show clients a large assortment of unique products in our very unique finishes. Moving to the DDD turned out to be the right move.

What do you enjoy most about having a showroom in the Dallas Design District neighborhood? 

The sense of community and uniting with our neighbors. The businesses in the DDD are extremely supportive of one another. We send business to other neighbors for products we don’t offer and vice versa. 

What can visitors expect when they visit Bungalow 5’s DDD showroom? 

Our team thrives on creating impactful client experiences and addressing our client’s specific needs, no matter how large or small. We start with making a specific client connection and letting that connection guide the experience. Our team is very welcoming to visitors and hands-on. From finding the desired product on the floor to following up once the product has been delivered, we offer a full 360 experience. 

In your opinion, what sets the Bungalow 5 Dallas showroom apart from other local interior design showrooms? 

Our unique ever-changing and evolving product line with one-of-a-kind finishes and craftsmanship!  From sketch to final product, we take pride in perfectionism. In fact, many of our collections have taken years in the making. We strive to create glamorous home decor that lasts. Our pieces feature meticulous artisanry, whether hand-wrapped grasscloth furniture or hand-hammered metal accessories, every detail is considered. 

If you had to describe Bungalow 5’s style in one word, what would it be and why? 

Timeless. Our approach can be summarized in the phrase "Romantic Design Retold". Our products are inspired by history, made for today, always reaching for the future. We strive to bring a modern perspective to classic luxury.


Tell us about some of your favorite trends, collections and/or pieces for spring and summer. 

We’re seeing a return to romance and a desire for mixed materials. For a while, the trend was toward minimalism and pure mid-century. Although these remain strong, we see a gradual shift to more traditional shapes, patterns, colors, and luxurious finishes.

We just launched a wide number of collections that combine a variety of design styles with luxurious materials. The collection includes storage pieces combined with grass cloth and metal as well as mirrors, side tables, and consoles that feature hand-hammered detailing.

Some of our newest collections, which are perfect for spring and summer, include our Ansel, Audrey, Carmen and Pascal storage collections. These collections feature hand-applied lacquered linen or grasscloth, which gives each piece an elegant finish. Each collection has its own special features including brass-inlaid detailing, curved edges and brass sabots. 

Complete this sentence: “No room is complete without _______________.” 

A piece from Bungalow 5, of course! If we had to pick just one product, we’d say a show-stopping lamp. Lamps are the finishing touch to one’s room as jewelry is to one’s outfit. A vignette takes life when finished with say, a Mid-Century inspired brass 
and marble task lamp, or a classic faux-bois painted porcelain lamp.

So, whether you frequent the DDD or are a newer visitor, make sure to pencil in a trip to the Bungalow 5 showroom next time you're in our neck of the woods. And, in the meantime, tide yourself over with a visit to their website + Instagram page for some seriously eye-pleasing perusing!

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