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Liven Up Your Space with Living Coral

The Pantone Color of the Year is here, and we’re loving it. The Dallas Design District is thrilled to introduce Living Coral to our community! According to Pantone, Living Coral provides “comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment”. Sounds like just the color we need for our modern, ever-moving culture. And as always, The DDD is here to help with a few tips on how to incorporate the vibrant hue into your space.

Living Coral will find a happy home on your sofa, bed, counter, coffee table, or entryway in the form of an accessory piece. A throw pillow, a vase, a candlestick holder, bookends, and many other options are available to balance your space. Bungalow 5 on Oaklawn has quite an array of beautiful ideas. Browse their collections, and perhaps pick up a few pieces of your own.

Artwork for Your Walls
A common design option is procuring artwork to hang in your space — but the commonality does not make it cliche. Find a painting that openly displays Living Coral, or find the hue mixed within a color combining piece. Christopher Martin Gallery on Dragon Street has many modern and versatile art installations available for your space. Finding the best distinctive piece will allow your eyes to rest on not only the Pantone Color of the Year but also offer a timeless feature for your home.

Mix it Up 
Color blocking is fun, but not always a win-win for your home or design tastes. Try adding not just a pop but a delightful blend of materials and colors. The ottoman options at AOI Home are a wonderful introduction into this years’ modern palette, but with a unique touch. Luxurious materials are pleasing to the beholder and calming tones still invite you to sit down with a book and prop your feet up.

Add Accent
Another way Living Coral can find its way to your space is through accents accent rugs that is. A beautiful way to do this is through antique and vintage styles, but with a modern twist. The Moroccan rugs at Abrash Rugs off of North Stemmons are sure to bring that blissful air of design that only the Pantone Color of the Year can bring.

When designing your home, the pressure to create can sometimes end in decorators’ remorse but the Dallas Design District is a community that includes art galleries, showrooms, interior designers + many shops to spark your own creative path as you incorporate Pantone’s Color of the Year into your home. The future is vibrant- and joyful- and Living Coral.

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