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Everything You Need to Know About Choosing the Right Tile

A tile is a tile is a tile. Or is it? With the wide variety of tile materials, shapes and colors available on the market today, choosing the right tile for the right room can become a bit complicated.

Of course, the shops and showrooms of the Dallas Design District are always here to help you make these difficult decisions. Here are some of our expert design tips for choosing the right tile for the job.


The location where you’re going be installing the tile should play a big part in your choice of tile. There are the obvious areas, like bathroom and kitchen floors, backsplashes and shower walls. But newer options, such as tile that mimics hardwood and metal, mean that you could tile your entire house inside and out, if you were so inclined.

With this in mind, take care to choose the right kind of tile for the area you'll be tiling. Choose non-porous tiles for outdoor decks and rooms that get lots of spills and splashes, like bathrooms and kitchens. Tiles that are more porous (and therefore more easily stained) work well for walls or other areas where the tile is less likely to incur damage. Renaissance Tile & Bath has a large selection of tiles for every area of your home.


Let's get more specific about choosing the right tile material for the right job. When it's properly cared for, all tile is durable. But you can set your household up for success by keeping in mind which materials work best in which rooms.

Porcelain, ceramic, sealed natural stone and glass tiles work best for shower walls and kitchen backsplashes. For floors and walls, consider those same materials as well as terracotta, marble and cement. It’s always a good idea to seal these types of tile, as they are absorbent and prone to stains. However, porcelain and ceramic don’t necessarily need sealing.

And don’t forget about tiles that look like hardwood! These are more durable and less prone to warping than hardwood but offer the same feel and look. Stop by the showroom at Ann Sacks for more tile inspiration.


Big tile. Small tile. What does it matter? A lot, actually. When you're considering tile size, take into account the size of your room. Large tile in a small room might look awkward or overwhelming, and the same can be said for small tiles in a huge room. Also, if you’re using tile on the floor and the walls, choosing different sized tiles keeps things visually interesting. Make sure you check out Artistic Tile when you’re ready to start tile shopping.


There’s more to tile shapes than just squares. You can also choose from rectangles, hexagons, planks and mosaics, just to name a few. Not only can you play with different tile shapes, but you can also get creative with how you lay the tile. Experiment with different layouts to create visually interesting patterns or even a mosaic. Don’t have an eye for patterns? Schedule a design consultation with The Tile Shop.

With a little thought and planning — and help from the experts in the Dallas Design District — you're sure to find a beautiful, durable tile you love.

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